Chad George - 'ALCHEMY' (feat. Ariana Celaeno)

Back with another classy lo-fi track, Chad George's addictive sound resonates through the speakers. Its minimal and dreamy production has mellow metaphysical characteristics layered under a hefty beat. The vibe is familiar and musically charged. The flow is smooth with electronic elements and vocals leaving a spacious reverb behind that covers the headroom. It's soft yet very impactful when it comes to the combination of music and lyricism. From the title of the track to Rick Rubin's speech sample at the end, everything feels well-aligned and deeply contemplative, and meaningful. The featured artist, Ariana, has a soothing voice and performs well, holding great potential. 'Alchemy' communicates through its design of misty melodies and an overall dynamic genre-bending ambiance. It's a performance that highlights the exquisite quality of emotion flowing through the mix.

Definitely listen to Chad George's 'ALCHEMY' ft. Ariana Celaeno and instrumental production by Blankscale on Spotify.

"A genuinely mesmerizing production, ‘ALCHEMY’ pairs Chad George's studio wizardry with the evocative vocals of Danish singer Ariana Celaeno.

Their talents match perfectly. Chad creates a hypnotic atmosphere, full of hazy synths, hypnotic beats, and mysterious vibes. It is an ideal backdrop for Ariana’s soul-searching performance, which blends intricate flows with a keen sense of melody. This track will fit perfectly on any late-night, vibey, modern R&B playlist."

About Chad George:

"A visionary artist with an inimitable style, Chad George is out to redefine what a modern musician is capable of. Fusing globally influenced sounds with innovative NFT art, he is quickly building up an impressive discography and establishing himself as one of the most vital new voices of his generation. Chad was born in Bellingham, WA. He had led a nomadic childhood, growing up between Jamaica, Canada, and the US. He spent this time period immersed in music, falling in love with reggae, hip-hop, and pop, and developing the genre-blending style that would later define his career.

Chad would later enroll in college, first to study unmanned aircraft, and later to pursue a business degree. Music, however, was never far from his mind. The 2020 lockdown gave him an opportunity to finally pursue his passion. He began to devote himself wholly to his music, emerging with the debut single ‘DIAMOND DIME’ in 2021. With its dark melodic trap style, it served as a perfect introduction to an exceptionally promising artist. Since then, he has been steadily building momentum, revealing new sides of his artistry with every release.

Chad’s music is expansive, influenced by space, time, and the cosmos. He has spent years perfecting his sound, resulting in a distinctive style of art that will resonate deeply with listeners around the world. With a steady stream of new content expected for this year and beyond, Chad is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry."