Bunny Daniels - 'Freak'

A spicy single that lures you with its smooth tempting soulfulness and funky style. This tangy song has that crazy pop energy, enough for you to go wild! The meaty and thick rhythm made by a saturated crispy beat paces alongside an excellent guitar performance. The centre of attention goes to Bunny Daniels whose voice is the heart and glory of this song. The passion and intensity of feeling and vocal embellishments make this song melodic in every detail. The background vocals are filled with creative harmonies. The bass reveals all sorts of ghost notes played among the RnB-inspired chord progression making it more of a percussive feel. Its groovy liveliness with perfectly executed syncopation makes lyricism more immersive and enjoyable. Bunny Daniels' 'Freak' shows off her powerful presence and talent through her magical vocal rendition making this track top-notch entertainment.

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About Bunny Daniels:

"Like many iconic singers of our time and generations past, Ms. Bunny Daniels started singing in church at a young age. Her mother was a choir member and would bring Bunny to choir practice regularly. As a result, Bunny got her opportunity to join the choir at a relatively young age. When they encouraged her to sing lead on a song in her teenage years, the experience was so overwhelmingly positive Bunny decided to make music her career and hasn’t looked back since.

Bunny Daniels

Over time she worked hard to craft her signature sound with the goal of becoming known for creating and singing melodies that are different from what’s being heard in the music industry today. Her fresh sound seamlessly blends elements of Pop, R&B, and Gospel into one. Bunny said. "Ultimately I want my music to make people feel good. That’s what I want to be remembered for. Music is my escape and I want to share my paradise” As Bunny has grown as a music artist, she also discovered a broader range of her entertaining talents. While experiencing success as a musician, she has also had success as an actor and a dancer. Bunny has performed on Broadway and was a featured singer, dancer, and actress on Sesame Street Live. Most recently, Bunny booked her first role in a feature film this year.

She is a "Quadruple threat", singing, dancing, acting, and writing. As for music she arranges and sings all vocals on her tracks and is versatile in terms of different music genres."

Chad George - 'Distorted Feelings (Blankscale Remix)'

Wow! What a vibe! A track that embraces and accentuates the mood beyond just melodies and words. This hip-hop mesmerizes you and makes you truly appreciate the profoundness of the song's sentiments. It's a track that is a total ear-worm filled with the smoothness of the flow raised by Chad George's mature rap style with a catchy ravishing melody. The bumpy bass rolling with the heat of the boom bap fashion beat hooks the rhythm. It has a crucial bassline iteration delivered by a strong nostalgic bass tone, exploring the majestic profundity. The lyricism articulates your feelings. As the title of the song, the subtle distortion has its presence with a unique intro and outro giving you perfection of concept.

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About Chad George:

"A visionary artist with an inimitable style, Chad George is out to redefine what a modern musician is capable of. Fusing globally influenced sounds with innovative NFT art, he is quickly building up an impressive discography and establishing himself as one of the most vital new voices of his generation. Chad was born in Bellingham, WA. He had led a nomadic childhood, growing up between Jamaica, Canada, and the US. He spent this time period immersed in music, falling in love with reggae, hip-hop, and pop, and developing the genre-blending style that would later define his career.

Chad would later enroll in college, first to study unmanned aircrafts, and later to pursue a business degree. Music, however, was never far from his mind. The 2020 lockdown gave him an opportunity to finally pursue his passion. He began to devote himself wholly to his music, emerging with the debut single ‘DIAMOND DIME’ in 2021. With its dark melodic trap style, it served as a perfect introduction to an exceptionally promising artist. Since then, he has been steadily building momentum, revealing new sides of his artistry with every release.

Chad’s music is expansive, influenced by space, time, and the cosmos. He has spent years perfecting his sound, resulting in a distinctive style of art that will resonate deeply with listeners around the world. With a steady stream of new content expected for this year and beyond, Chad is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry."

Sweet Lily Love - 'Life v2.0'

As an intense and anomalous criterion of experimental electronic music, Sweet Lily Love brings you an unpredictable mix of retro and modern music through 'Life v2.0'. The scripting of this song is so clever that it successfully depicts various phases of life transitioning from organic mortality to digital immortality. The depth starts from its lyrics which hold a thought that lies in between a sarcastically welcoming tone and a strong futuristic dystopic vision. Its music also has a similar feel and style to it!

The whole concept gives you an insight into how your life is literally a coded program. A grim techno-reality in which you live, eventually leading to your surrender that enslaves you to the pixels.

Musically, this is a banger that takes you back to the retro days of new wave genres from the 70s/90s. The intro hypes towards the ultimate drop turning the beat into a nostalgic goldmine. Everything you hear has that electronic polishing that adds a layer of phasing and static noise making it strongly connected to the meaning of this song.

The sharpness in the hi-hats and resonant synth tones blended with a stylized tone of phoneline adlibs that mark stages make a perfect mix for defining such a composition. The vocals are very melodic and tuneful, having strong control over pitch bending and adding more motion and emotions. The chorus is club/rave-worthy touching those aspects of the fusion of eras and genres that were unexplored. The vocal harmonies are juicy and demonstrate the excellence of talent and level of mastery. It's a performance that captivates the sonic energy and power of lyrical thoughtfulness. It's a sonorous invitation of 'the matrix'. 

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About Sweet Lily Love:

"Crafting energetic and unique beats, Sweet Lily Love is a pop dance artist bringing her own style to the electronic music world. Influenced by various dance and electronic artists throughout the '90s to the present, Sweet Lily Love brings quality, experimental tracks to the genre that inspired her up-and-coming music career."

Sweet Lily Love

NIGHTMÆR - 'God Complex'

An insight into everyone's dark side. The theatrically hellish, submissive and terrifyingly dominator who believes to be above all. The 'God Complex' can bring the devil out in no time. Imagine getting into a club and being shelled by this song! Amazing! It is an experience of true hypnosis. 

The electronic dark synth tone, the heavy bass and the massive kick bring ground-shaking tremors. The headbanging and hard-hitting instrumental is induced with powerful, massive, raspy vocals pumping up the adrenaline. The dramatic intro and joker-inspired laugh are intriguing and malleable. 

A blend of flawless rap flow with punchy EDM/house vibe wrapped with many other fusion-worthy genres pushes this song to the peek quality of entertainment and emotion. A decisive buildup leading to the drop will make that hair stand up on the back of your neck. The variations in voice are challenging and create an impact and are perfectly executed by NIGHTMÆR. 

The production is modern and minimal with loud reverbs and delays along with tasteful distortion and adding layers of effects that expand the engaging aspect of this song. It has a force that crushes all the boundaries of antagonism. NIGHTMÆR is a jolt of thunder that emerges from the artist's versatility and ability to make music a spectacle beyond expectations.

Get ready! Definitely listen to 'God Complex' by NIGHTMÆR which is releasing on November 25th, 2022 everywhere.

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"Hailing from the Inland Empire in Southern California, NIGHTMÆR is an up-and-coming alternative artist with a penchant for writing infectious music and relatable narratives. NIGHTMÆR’s music journey began at a tender age while in middle school when he started to rap and freestyle, growing up in I.E. As a teenager, he started skateboarding, which lead him to discover the world of punk and metal, which spurred him to dive straight into it. Being an avid storyteller, NIGHTMÆR is greatly influenced by real life, drawing inspiration for his music from personal experiences and hardships, allowing him to invoke strong emotions in people.


Apart from invoking emotions, NIGHTMÆR also seems to have a unique innate competency to ingeniously present music in multiple styles including pop punk, rap, grunge, metal and EDM, all while maintaining a consistent brand, one of the factors that make this artist one to keep an eye out for. With over 1.5 million followers on social media, NIGHTMÆR has also been working with Universal Music Group, Fearless Records and Concord Music Group for over a year.

With plans to release even more original material in the near future, NIGHTMÆR hopes to engage current audiences and reach out to new ones with his exciting yet profound creations. NIGHTMÆR seeks to positively influence the world and connect with like-minded individuals through music. NIGHTMÆR is no doubt, well on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal musicians in this generation."

Richy Snyder - 'How Deep is the Ocean'

A song that captures the essence of love and expresses it through a beautiful rendition of slow-pacing melodic music and vocals. It accentuates and sustains every phrase composed with piano and sprinkled with fillers of bottleneck guitar tone gently fading in and out following the vocals. Drums that use a brush kit with percussion create a slick and raspy beat that perfectly fits the blues style along with the immense impact of bass highlighting the rhythm. Vocals have a smooth instrumental approach just like the music using the voice with intense involvement. Richy's voice is distinctive and personal with unique articulations that make you feel like the whole song is compellingly improvised.

Definitely listen to 'How Deep is the Ocean' by Richy Snyder on Spotify.

Sanjana Nuwan Bandara - 'Don't Kill My Vibe'

A decisive hip-hop track with a soul-crushing drill beat. 'Don't Kill My Vibe' stands strong with its dark ominous serious melody and tone. The core beat which includes an earth-shattering kick, crispy snare and hi-hats construct a rhythm that not just clearly defines the genre but captures the toughness and aggression. The hefty significance of the bass adds a ruthless impact, hard-hitting the time signatures throughout the track.

Lyrically, the verses have diversity in flow and rhymes. Various sections have a seamless transition nailing the dynamics of such an energetic production. The pacing feels engaging and occupying, keeping the sound interestingly consistent. Synths and samples initiate a harmonious loop that balances the music and the rap performance very well.

Sanjana Nuwan Bandara's voice has depth while pronouncing every single word. The grip on multilingual rap style without disturbing the mood and the motion of the track is something Sanjana has achieved mastery over. Speed is also a major factor here and Sanjana's talent flawlessly covers it. There is an underlying smoothness to the voice which makes it soothing while being one with the musical elements.

This song is not for one-time listening as its intricate attributes are something you can listen to and emotionally bond with over and over again. Its combative exuberance has a trendy and modern form which is executed at its level of perfection.

Definitely listen to 'Don't Kill My Vibe' by Sanjana Nuwan Bandara on Spotify.

Also, you can pre-save the upcoming track 'Don't ask me to play it softly' by Sanjana Nuwan Bandara here.

About Sanjana Nuwan Bandara:

Sanjana Nuwan Bandara

"Upcoming Musician Sanjana Nuwan Bandara has a very Hip-hop/Electric style, and he is definitely one to watch. His songs are a perfect mix of Hip-hop/Electronic styles and genres, and you can expect him to become a star very soon. Let's take a closer look at his songs to find out what kind of music he can play."

Lady Ray - 'Nuthaone'

A track that shows a genuine love for music. With an interesting catchy hook, Lady Ray holds a tight grip on the rhythm. The music composition is addictive giving an old-school hip-hop vibe. Warm electronic synth and bass tone syncing with the tempo adds a touch of instrumental minimalism. Tight kick and shiny hi-hats are groovy and addictive. Easygoing melodic vocals are soft and cozy. The voice gives a feel to the flow of this mix. There is a level of dedication from Lady Ray to perform, as you can clearly hear, that she enjoys making music. The simplicity of the verses is easy to follow. She has tremendous potential as an independent artist and has impressive talent that will gradually unfold.

Definitely listen to 'Nuthaone' by Lady Ray on Apple Music.

About Lady Ray

Lady Ray is a Bay Area California native. With a heart as big as her voice, she spends her free time volunteering. The love she has for the world is integrated into her music with every breath she sings. Heavily inspired by artists such as Aaliyah, Pharrell, RUSH, and Amy Winehouse, Lady Ray brings a new sound to old genres.