SIR-VERE - 'Peer Pressure'
A song that succeeds in describing and depicting the challenges of remaining authentic in a society that expects conformity, a SIR-VERE attack on unwanted peer pressure. Thriving with the massive significance of heavy electric bass blending with fast-paced electronic beats, it's an opiate that puts you in a spiral of powerful mesmerism. With such a great hypnotic consistent rhythm, the song is conversational in nature, sharing wise words about liberating oneself from the drudgery of dealing with the world demanding every bit of you to be what it wants. It depicts a strong defence to be yourself.

From a melodic aspect, the song continues to dig a passage through the fusion of spicy elements of rock, and electronic genres. The sound hits a perfect balance of warm subtle distortion, resonating delay effects, and punchy impactful energy. The source of power comes from hard-hitting lyricism and banger instrumentals. The beat drop into the chorus from the verses gives you a flashy and addictive hook. Vocals at the core, elevate the mix sprightly and pushes the emotions to the next level. The voice feels bright, lively, and animated, with a spark of dynamic and vital force that carries the meaning of this song.

It's a jet that never runs out of fuel till it lands in your head, permanently becoming catchy, and occupying your mind. The great escape from peer pressure also starts by acknowledging it, which this song surely does in a confident and self-important way.

Definitely listen to 'Peer Pressure' by SIR-VERE from the album 'Lovescope' on Bandcamp.

A note from the artist:

"Sir-Vere returns with another big hitter from their forthcoming ‘Lovescope’ album, the addictive earworm ‘Peer Pressure’. Backed up by award-winning Vodzilla remixes & S-VAS remixes.

The track is another example of the extra firepower and versatility the Milton Keynes outfit are capable of wielding with its newly expanded four-piece lineup. With the band’s leader frontman, Craig Hammond joined by the pure vocal power of singer Ian McEwan, they portray the struggle of trying to stay true to yourself in a world that demands conformity over a swaggering electro-rock rhythm.

The group – completed by Gary Morland (guitars, bass, keyboards, production) and Stevie Vega (programming, S-VAS remixer & DJ) - draws from punk, alt-rock, dance music and even a little bit of funk to deliver an instantly memorable performance, one that signifies the subtle move to a more live and direct sound that will become clearer with the arrival of the album ‘Lovescope’ on March 27th 2023.

Sir-Vere will be taking the ’Lovescope’ album out on the road throughout 2023, starting with a hometown gig to launch the album at Milton Keynes Craufurd Arms on February 24."


“We stick to our guns,” says Craig Hammond of SIR-VERE, “you could almost call it stubbornness.”
That resolute nature, almost bordering on missionary zeal, has certainly served the Milton Keynes groove merchants well. The band’s musical aesthetic, to fuse the filth and the fury of punk and the power of rock with the irrepressible momentum of breakbeat, house and techno technology, is sublime.

Ozurie - 'To The Moon'

A four-minute-long deep dive into this paradisiacal expanse of sound will break the barrier of your reality, transporting you to a transcendental place. It builds its distinctive identity through an endless mind-captivating stream of dynamic frequencies. You can visualize the power that is generated by the united resonance of spacious electric guitars and their tones, layered and panned brilliantly. Heavy, distorted and intangible energy keeps emitting from a quality harmonic saturation of guitars. They build a whole other layer of spectral sounds that embodies strong emotions.

Breathy, airy vocals have a beautiful soothing characteristic that puts a dreamy influence encouraging the melodic strength of this composition. Drums are punchy, having a fat sound with tight compression driving rhythm with consistency and force. You can hear the cymbals smashing and slowly dissolving, merging with the transients of other elements. Lyrically brief and musically prolonged, Ozurie's performance of such a genuine art form casts a feeling of passion carried by the fervency. Have a trusted free fall in this music that has a subtle touch of psychedelia with an ethereal aesthetic.

Definitely listen to Ozurie's 'To The Moon' on Spotify.

About Ozurie:

"Our goal with this project was to express raw and honest emotions through hazy, ethereal, and heavy sounds."


Chad George - 'ALCHEMY' (feat. Ariana Celaeno)

Back with another classy lo-fi track, Chad George's addictive sound resonates through the speakers. Its minimal and dreamy production has mellow metaphysical characteristics layered under a hefty beat. The vibe is familiar and musically charged. The flow is smooth with electronic elements and vocals leaving a spacious reverb behind that covers the headroom. It's soft yet very impactful when it comes to the combination of music and lyricism. From the title of the track to Rick Rubin's speech sample at the end, everything feels well-aligned and deeply contemplative, and meaningful. The featured artist, Ariana, has a soothing voice and performs well, holding great potential. 'Alchemy' communicates through its design of misty melodies and an overall dynamic genre-bending ambiance. It's a performance that highlights the exquisite quality of emotion flowing through the mix.

Definitely listen to Chad George's 'ALCHEMY' ft. Ariana Celaeno and instrumental production by Blankscale on Spotify.

"A genuinely mesmerizing production, ‘ALCHEMY’ pairs Chad George's studio wizardry with the evocative vocals of Danish singer Ariana Celaeno.

Their talents match perfectly. Chad creates a hypnotic atmosphere, full of hazy synths, hypnotic beats, and mysterious vibes. It is an ideal backdrop for Ariana’s soul-searching performance, which blends intricate flows with a keen sense of melody. This track will fit perfectly on any late-night, vibey, modern R&B playlist."

About Chad George:

"A visionary artist with an inimitable style, Chad George is out to redefine what a modern musician is capable of. Fusing globally influenced sounds with innovative NFT art, he is quickly building up an impressive discography and establishing himself as one of the most vital new voices of his generation. Chad was born in Bellingham, WA. He had led a nomadic childhood, growing up between Jamaica, Canada, and the US. He spent this time period immersed in music, falling in love with reggae, hip-hop, and pop, and developing the genre-blending style that would later define his career.

Chad would later enroll in college, first to study unmanned aircraft, and later to pursue a business degree. Music, however, was never far from his mind. The 2020 lockdown gave him an opportunity to finally pursue his passion. He began to devote himself wholly to his music, emerging with the debut single ‘DIAMOND DIME’ in 2021. With its dark melodic trap style, it served as a perfect introduction to an exceptionally promising artist. Since then, he has been steadily building momentum, revealing new sides of his artistry with every release.

Chad’s music is expansive, influenced by space, time, and the cosmos. He has spent years perfecting his sound, resulting in a distinctive style of art that will resonate deeply with listeners around the world. With a steady stream of new content expected for this year and beyond, Chad is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry."

Living in your mind is like living in another world. The co-existence of your conscious self living alongside all the clutter in your head is being explored here. 'All In Your Head' attempts to derive meaning from it. Its minimal and subtle lyricism has a metaphorical aspect and explores the vast and endless thoughts and entities that you collect and store.

Musically, as well as keeping the composition simple and smooth, the song has many key elements that are highlighted through variations and articulations. Traditional rhythm and sound layered by modest insertion of psychedelic tones, just by using guitars and percussion, are noteworthy and creative. The drums have the power to draw impact over the beat with a sharp staccato. Warm and pumping bass heats the low end of the track while sustaining the guitar riff creating a consistent loop.

The vocals are dominant and have a volume that crosses the music behind them. The hook has interesting vocal harmonies that add more melodic colours to the song. The compression of the mix is gentle enough to keep the dynamic range open, keeping the sound raw and real. 'All In Your Head' has depth in the music just as much as it has its thoughtful meaning behind the lyricism.

Definitely listen to Alpha Cat's 'All In Your Head' on YouTube.

About Alpha Cat:

"Alpha Cat started as a band and morphed into a collective. In the mid-90 Elizabeth McCullough, a photographer who had begun writing songs on her own ran into some old acquaintances. One was James Mastro, whom she had photographed while he was in the Bongos. She asked if he would listen to some of her 4-track demos. He was in the market for pix for his new project the Health & Happiness Show, which at that time included former Television guitarist Richard Lloyd. McCullough and Lloyd got to talking, and Lloyd agreed to play on the first studio demo of McCullough's songs. The Mastro connection also led to a friendship with Television bassist Fred Smith, who agreed to produce a new demo and co-produced two Alpha Cat CDs."

Kayla Friend - 'valentine's day'

Closing the distance of euphonious tender melodies and deeply sentimental poetic lyricism, 'valentine's day' is a story of a heart recollecting long-gone memories of nurtured love, full of ups and downs and embracing the abrupt end of its wonderful journey, never having reached its destination. It's a tale of missing love weighing heavy on the mind although being an unforgettable part of life. Kayla Friend establishes solemn emotions with her intensely profound voice that drives the message. The vocals have immense control over expressive tones that holds a whispering softness as well as a striking brightness that evolves as the song goes by.

The beautiful mellifluent composition is a literal musical choreography, an arrangement that layers instruments like a storyboard. Each instrument feels like it's communicating not just with the singer but also with each other, admiringly thoughtful and relatable to many!

The familiar and cosy sound of strings, including guitar, ukulele and rich and passionate cello brings more movement and quality blending together to be one with the flow. The piano reaches through the clouds into higher octaves with floating and sustaining notes while a saturated organic electric bass spreads warmth, submerging into the dynamics of the song. The remarkable background vocals with spacious and atmospheric harmonies are breathtaking. A slow but strong introduction to the drums adds a more acoustic feel to the song while producing a pattern like floating on the tides of the ocean. They hold the steady rhythm that unfolds the beauty of this song beat by beat.

'valentine's day' is a natural and unpretending interpretation of conscious remembrance of lost love.

Definitely listen to 'valentine's day' by Kayla Friend, released on 27th January 2023 worldwide.

Kayla Friend - 'valentine's day'

Notes from the artist:
"A tragic-yet-hopeful reminiscence of love lost, valentine's day sings the bittersweet acceptance of chapters closed too soon. Written by Friend and recorded at Elevated Music Studios in Nashville, TN, this soft, cinematic ballad is tenderly evocative of early Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles, plucking at the listeners' heartstrings with vulnerable, distinct lyrics and a sweeping melody.

Producer and mixing engineer Wilson Harwood can also be heard on guitar, ukulele, and electric bass for the single; the track features Alex Johnson on drums and Alex Stradal on cello, adding a sweeping, cinematic feel to the track that is reminiscent of The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson or even called you again by rising star, Lizzy McAlpine.

Mastered by Grammy Award-winner Gavin Lurssen, valentine’s day is guaranteed to indulge your inner longing for lyric-forward sad-girl songs this winter."

About Kayla Friend:

"California-grown, New York aged, rooted in south-central Texas. 

​With a small-town heart and big-city grit, Kayla penned a creative home for herself somewhere in the middle - merging the melodic sensibilities of early-aughts adult contemporary and indie-folk pop with subtle nods to her background in musical theatre."

Kayla Friend - 'valentine's day'

"An emerging singer-songwriter, her focus on vulnerable, relatable lyrics coupled with earworm melodies creates an authentic, open invitation for the listener to hear the soul behind the song. ​Musical influences include Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, The Weepies, Maria Mena, Maisie Peters, Hanson, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Brandi Carlile, and Regina Spektor."

Photos by Rob Hernandez.

Jennifer King - 'Go'

This song is a bright spotlight on Jennifer, surrounded by a traditional blend of pop and R&B musical elements, wrapped tightly. Jennifer's vocal performance feels real and progressive, holding more potential than you can hear, just waiting to take your breath away. The ability to deliver a natural-sounding vibrato along with shiny harmonies in detail will amaze anyone. Besides such an impact with a bright and open voice, Jennifer also covers a wide spectrum of pitches, especially with high notes that bring out intense emotions. The sharpness of her voice is well-balanced by warmth and saturation.

Powerful low-end bass and kick couple well with gentle highs of synth pads. There are layers of what sounds like wide-palm muting guitar complementing the rhythm alongside an energetic instrumental atmosphere. It's a truly refreshing experience! Even lyrically, the song portrays strong confidence and the power to chase what you want with a clear sense of reality and freedom over blindly chasing dreams. "Go, go, go" for everything you want with your eyes wide open!

Definitely listen to 'Go' by Jennifer King, released on 20th January 2023 worldwide.

"At age 15, Jennifer King’s voice is reaching for the crowns of her influences - SZA, Whitney and Alicia Keys. With an upbeat pace, classic in form but contemporary in production, her debut single ‘Go’ truly hits the high notes. Recorded and produced in Toronto and London (UK) by Atlantic Bridge Music in October 2021, ‘Go’ is an anthem for the Gen Z’ers who are embracing the natural flow of life in place of the hyper-strategy of their native social media culture. With nods to classic hip hop and pop, ‘Go’ promises the dancefloor weight of 80’s Madonna stepping on the gas with Doja Cat in a convertible. Jennifer sings of not believing in schemes OR dreams. She is neither tailoring her avatar for all to see nor dreaming her life away trying to be something that she is not. Her message is about the power of action over identity."

About Jennifer King

"Jennifer King is a 15-year-old singer, songwriter and actor from Liverpool.

Jennifer King

Jennifer’s passion is songwriting and performing. After signing up for UK singer-songwriter Tim Arnold’s mentoring sessions in 2021, Jennifer began to develop her music. Tim nurtured her creative process to explore composition, lyric writing and genre, eventually encouraging her to record her own songs. What resulted was the discovery of an artist who, whilst never having recorded before, revealed all the hallmarks of a born naturally as soon as she entered the recording studio.

Working with Tim on tracking vocals, layering harmonies, and finessing song arrangements all signalled that Jennifer possesses an innate and intuitive gift for recording music and song creation. With her musical tastes leaning heavily toward the North American R&B culture, Tim reached out to solo artist and music producer Ben Pelchat in Toronto. Tim and Ben are now developing Jennifer’s rich and certain future as a recording artist through their management company, Atlantic Bridge."

Pre-save 'Go' by Jennifer King -

Photos by Charlie Iggulden.

Mahamaya Experience ft. Ranjit Makkuni on Sitar - 'Dance in Her Light'

The universal sound of Sitar holds many wonderful and fervent tones that are deeply expressive in nature. With non-stop musical creativity, Ranjit has profoundly presented the art and approach towards love through such soulful and melodic instrumental. The glimmering jewel-like tone of Sitar i.e Jawari hits delightful frequencies giving you an insight into the great Mahamaya Experience.

You can feel the depth of resonance that communicates with you at a transcendental level. Everything sounds fresh, full of clarity, and breathing life. This ethereal track has a rhythm formed through the combination of percussion pacing alongside the intricacy of bass and treble.

A dynamic and passionate adventure into unrestrained thoughts defined by the touch of strings, 'Dancing with Her Light' is a story of love, a journey of finding love, being lost in it, losing it and finding oneself again. It's a song submerged in a beautifully crafted poetic rendition.

Definitely listen to 'Dancing in Her Light' by Mahamaya Experience.

Read the full song hypothesis here -

Mahamaya Experience ft. Ranjit Makkuni on Sitar - 'Dance in Her Light'

About Mahamaya Experience:

"The Mahamaya Experience presents the most vibrant, rhythmically energetic, melodically intricate and hope-filled music flowing out of South and South East Asia.

The term Mahamaya stands for one being steeped in illusion, and in falsely believing that the only means to happiness is through ego-based domination of others.

Mahamaya's songs ask us all to visualize an alternative world which is not driven only by 'ego-based technology and 'phallic' innovation. We have all seen that technology-driven societies have imposed their values on many cultures in the world which have already been rooted in advanced, sophisticated worldviews centred on ecological awareness, positive psychological well-being, self-control, non-violence and compassion for all!

The journey to 'non-ego' is not dispassionately passionless, nor musically uneventful.  Mahamaya's music presents some of the most melodically complex works showing complete passionate engagement with the celebration of life's intoxicating illusions, and these intricate melodic motifs and layering build up and lead the apex of what's possible in celebrating life's passions, and the insatiable pursuit of beauty. But like all forms of crescendos, finally, the artist needs to be ready to simply 'walk away', and get back to the world of non-ego!"

Michael M Jeni - 'Touch'

Michael is back with his rendition of his trademark afrobeat vibe that wonderfully encompasses and keeps the freshness intact. 'Touch' is a medium that opens the mind and translates the feeling of love, an expression of being one with the person you love and want to be with and cannot be without. The musical tone is polished and shiny, with pitch-perfect modern production. Lyrically, the song manifests the familiar emotions of comfort and destress based on the presence and absence of the person closest to the heart.

The song strongly signifies the unique sentiment only that a beloved person can make one feel. Melodies are cosy and the rhythm is catchy with the overall instrumental background heart-touching and articulated. The musical elements are captivating, inducing long-tailed reverbs and filling the headroom with a moody ambience. Everything circles around the vocals including harmonies that highlight the creative aspect. 

There is a good audible balance of lows in the form of bass, guitar and kick alongside highs in the form of a bright snare, hi-hats and Michael's alluring voice. The artist has already defined his identity with compositions that blends sounds to make good influential music, and 'Touch' is one of them.

Definitely listen to 'Touch' by Michael M Jeni on Spotify.

About Michael M Jeni:

"I’m Michael M Jeni, an AfroPop/AfroBeat artist based in Iowa and born in Idaho. Music has always been a part of my life since birth. I start and end my day with music every day. My love for music came at the age of 3 if I’m correct. My parents used to tell me stories that I would imitate dance moves, and singing from artists like Michael Jackson, and Koffi Olomide, and that’s where it all started. Even going through elementary to high school I played the violin, I was in the honours choir, and was able to learn music theory which helps with everything I do music-wise today.

Michael M Jeni

Fast forward to 2015, I lost my mother to cancer, I had to find different ways to channel emotions that I was feeling so I turned to writing music, and here we are today. Over time hearing people's reactions to my music, and how it helped them through a situation, or how it inspires them, that’s what lets me know I’ve chosen the right path, no matter how long it takes. Music is my outlet to express myself and the things I go through, if I didn’t have music, I honestly wouldn’t be here and that’s a fact” My style of music is different, as mentioned before, my style is “AfroPop/AfroBeat, in Iowa, that is rare, my sound is rare and different, which I don’t mind, it’s me. I have to do what’s authentic and raw, and my African Rwandan heritage is me, minus the politics and issues in Rwanda. Growing up I was afraid to let my peers and others know was African, I was bullied because of it, but today I have a greater appreciation and understanding of my culture."

Deson Teninchy - 'Bosses Boss Up'

This track is a 'work hard' routine for many of you. Striving and reaching one's goal and achieving it has become a staple of Deson's everyday life. Verses soaked in lyrical adrenaline push through the hustle and hold the strength to get you through a heavy storm. Deson's personal success story rescues you from your low times and gives you something to be inspired by. The impact and energy flowing through the voice performing immaculate rap defines a personality with solid confidence and motivation. The beat is solid and tight with sharp snare and hi-hats. The chorus has multi-layered vocals with a catchy hook that also holds great power. Its influence can be heard not just through Deson's passion and skills but also through the music and rhythm that backs it up flawlessly. This is a track that gives an insight into the artist's mind, full of intense determination!

Definitely listen to 'Bosses Boss Up' by Deson Teninchy on YouTube.

Definitely listen to 'Bosses Boss Up' by Deson Teninchy from the album 'First Supper' on YouTube.

About Deson Teninchy

"Brooklyn, NY, recording artist, composer, performer, producer, and street poet Deson Teninchy's latest album titled "First Supper" has been officially released through Estate Entertainment and has already demonstrated the initial signs of impact within the entertainment industry.

According to the label's representative, Nicole White, while this album is intended to be construed as somewhat unorthodox by hip-hop aficionados, the artist's and label's goal was to appeal to a more conscious listening target. "We've tried to capture DESON's passion and somewhat aggressive lyrical delivery on ‘First Supper' to counterbalance it with its underlying wit, metaphors, and the strength of an inner-city point of view within its content."

Deson Teninchy

DESON TENINCHY is Co-Owner and CCO at Estate Entertainment Agency, servicing Bayonne, Newark, Jersey City, and New York. He is utilizing his vast knowledge to produce, create, write, and arrange great music, acquire and maintain talent, and manage business affairs, along with his Co-Owner, Nicole. TENINCHY is a well-rounded Hip-Hop artist and music producer that captures attention and entertains all through the arts."