June 30, 2022

Hinkfuss - 'Castles in the Sky'

Hinkfuss - 'Castles in the Sky'

Being an exceptionally melodic collection, these songs have paved the path for Hinkfuss to impress you with their fresh sound. The energy of the guitars and drums supported by a solid, steady bass undoubtedly leaves an unforgettable impact on the listener. The vocals have so much authenticity and dedication towards stirring emotions that you can't hold back from humming or singing along with them. Both the tracks also show the intelligence and thoughtfulness behind the composition. The melodic input injected by all instruments alongside the vocals makes for a powerhouse of expressive lyricism, bringing about a heartfelt performance. A wider sound upscales the sensational ambience throughout. The soothing yet tough energy in the first song is flawlessly balanced by a gentle and perfectly-paced second song, completing an amazing journey to the 'Castles in the Sky'.

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About Hinkfuss:

"Hinkfuss is the solo project of Francesco Di Marco, one half of the Italian duo Electric Drama. In May 2020 he released his first EP under the moniker Hinkfuss: "The Glasgow Effect", self-produced during the Covid-19 isolation. 


After a single titled "Lost Tomorrow", in June 2022 he released the double single “Castles in the Sky”. It mixes pop and nostalgic sounds with a dreamlike atmosphere. All the songs are written played and produced by himself."

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June 29, 2022

Pidgie - 'Just Breathe'

Pidgie - 'Just Breathe'

'Just Breathe' is the answer to anyone who is searching for inspiration. Pidgie being a highly motivated artist has included a wonderful message in this album for you which leads to your mental empowerment. The challenging aspects of your life shall be faced with significant strength without a second doubt. The music reinforces the sentiment with a great impact. Instrumental has themes that are vital melodically and rhythmically. They touch the peak of musical originality and imagination nailing the ideas to express the story through the combination of various instruments. All songs have a hard-hitting thought process behind them that leads to an outburst of emotions coming straight from Pidgie's mind. Guitar solos do have a special performance alongside the wild drums and bass. Vocals are equally charming and are composed beautifully. The poetic lyricism will surely influence a lot of you while being relatable.

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About Pidgie

"Living with a physical disability, Inspiring Artist Presents Empowerment

Life is like a GPS. You may need to find an alternate route to get to where you are going but, with creative perseverance, you will always arrive at your destination!

Just Breathe”, the new record from Singer/Songwriter and self-proclaimed Renaissance woman on wheels; the differently-abled and exceptionally gifted former “Ms Wheelchair Massachusetts” Pidgie (Patti Panzarino)

One of the CD’s highlights is a powerful version of the Nina Simone gospel classic, “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free.” 

Pidgie recorded “Just Breathe” alongside a host of celebrated friends including Liberty Devitto (drums-Billy Joel): Scott Spray (bass-Johnny & Edgar Winter), Christine Ohlman (vocals, The Saturday Night Live Band), Bobby T Torello (drums, Johnny Winter/Grace Slick), Cliff Goodwin (guitar, Joe Cocker), Al Ferrante (guitar, Cyndi Lauper/Edgar Winter), Ron Rifkin (keys, Charlie Karp), and Bill Holloman, (horns, Nile Rodgers & Chic). Some select cuts include Flat-out rockers like “All Revved Up'' and the first single “Accessory”, as well as the dreamy, evocative title track and the poignant “They Took You Away”; an anthem for all those lost during these turbulent past few years. The CD was produced by multi-award-winning New England record man Vic Steffens at his studio Horizon Music Group. All In, a 2011 CD with her first band OLYPSYS, was a collaboration with her husband Vinny Rinaldi, who joins on guitar for multiple tracks on Just Breathe. 

With the album’s release, Pidgie has made her platform, “Creative Perseverance”, the theme of her entire life. 

"Creative Perseverance empowers you to reach beyond what you ever thought possible. It encompasses every facet of your existence: your home, job, education, health, relationships and your passions," she says. “Being able to tell my stories and feelings through my music is something I am forever grateful for.”

Born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), Pidgie learned to self-advocate from her now-deceased older sister, who had the same disability and mentored her at a very young age. 

"The more that people with disabilities push through obstacles and participate in life, the more people will really see us,” says Pidgie, “and our acceptance and encouragement to participate increases. It becomes an upward spiral.”

Pidgie’s dedication to the theme of empowerment is unshakeable. 

“Many people think that obstacles can be just physical,” she says. “But that can be changed by laws and creativity. I believe the biggest challenge toward people with disabilities is the attitudes of others. I have always been one to look people in the eye and smile and say hello."

It is obvious that Pidgie has triumphed over obstacles her entire life. Raised in the Sixties and mainstreamed, she has lived on both sides of the Americans with Disabilities Act. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Hofstra University, becoming president of the organization for students with disabilities and taking two First Place trophies in wheelchair karate. She worked in both the corporate world and the performing arts world.

“There is always a song going through my head,” Pidgie remarks, continuing: “My influences run from Stevie Nicks to Natalie Merchant, Edie Brickell, Aimee Mann and Christine Ohlman. I sing with a lot of feeling. I reach deep down into my heart and pull it out.  Recently, podcaster Aj Wachtel said I sounded like Marianne Faithful 'who purrs, then growls’—I love that!”

Pidgie was a founding member of the Coalition for Disabled Musicians (CDM) and currently serves as its vice-president. She was co-host of a popular cable TV program and hosted her own live Christian radio show on disability and empowerment for two years. She competed and won Ms Wheelchair Massachusetts 2012 and received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Ms Wheelchair America Leadership and Advocacy Competition.

"I've been singing since before I can even remember. I write music the way I cook; I don't stick to recipes, I just add a little here and a little there to make a masterpiece. I like to think outside the box. I never liked paint-by-number or sheet music because it was too limiting. I like to sing by ear. I love to entertain, connect with people's feelings, validate them, and cheer them up when I sing." 

She continues to advocate, mentor, and push through social and relational barriers to redefine the representation of people with disabilities in a more positive light. She finds that some relationship myths that can be confusing for women, in general, can weigh even heavier on women with disabilities. 

But above it all, there is music. In another one of Just Breathe's romps, “Kick Ass Boots,” Pidgie takes aim at a cheating ex, truth-telling a la Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” and it’s a joyous moment. 

You will find Pidgie right in the middle of most activities, sharing messages of creativity and the power it brings. And now, with the release of “Just Breathe”, she joins the mainstream of American popular music—for real."

June 29, 2022

Rebecca Davis (DawgGoneDavis) - 'Raybans in the Rain'

Rebecca Davis (DawgGoneDavis) - 'Raybans in the Rain'

This is a collection of artwork that will take you back in time with its classic music blended with unorthodox melodic energy. The unrestricted presentation of style brings conversational writing focused more on communicating with the listeners. Instrumentals are mostly crafted as a supportive stream to push the meaningful lyrics. The overall production has a vintage or retro touch to it. The guitar has its fixed and powerful placement in all the tracks while accompanied by experimental jazz and synth instruments. Variable compositions will make you realise that these songs are individually very expressive, they are not bound to any out-worldly rule, but are extremely grounded in the sense of creativity. The ingredients are just perfect enough to ensure a great time while listening to these songs. The main aspects of rap-rock genres dominate throughout this album's journey. 'Raybans in the Rain' has its own distinct brand value.

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Rebecca Davis (DawgGoneDavis)

About Rebecca Davis (DawgGoneDavis):

"Three years after she gathered her first nine singles on the debut compilation Hot Dawgest Night (whose title was a wink to the classic Diamond live album), the adventurous, ever-evolving artist REBECCA DAWGGONE DAVIS has released Raybans in the Rain, a fresh collection of her last 11 smash hits. While giving longtime fans a chance to revisit her fascinating growth as a poetic storyteller and rapper, it’s also an incredible opportunity for newcomers to enjoy a feast for their ears. 

Initially branding herself as DawgGoneDavis, Kansas City area songwriter, rapper and Indie recording artist Rebecca L. Davis came out of nowhere in early 2018 and hit the global Indie music charts with her hilarious autobiographical breakthrough smash “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style,” which reached #1 on the influential Euro Indie Music chart and the top spot in Asia and South America. 

Considering the hipster novelty of the track, DGD could easily have become a one hit wonder. Yet with an ever-expanding base of global and US fans from 16 to 80+ hinging on her every rhyme, clever twist of phrase and namechecking of classic rockers (from Neil Diamond and Tom Petty to Motley 

Crue and Burton Cummings), Rebecca DGD has been an enduring phenomenon, with 20 hit international singles and counting. Her breakthrough success over the past four years has proven one thing – rap and hip-hop ain’t just for kids and hipsters anymore.

Five of the tracks on Raybans in the Rain celebrate her dynamic collaborations with longtime Snoop Dogg producer Chago G. Williams, whom she calls “one of the great hook masters of the world” whose rousing, rocking, provocative and intensely intuitive choruses have helped take Rebecca’s creative game to fresh, transcendent levels. Their latest, “Appreciation,” recently hit #7 on the World Indie Music Chart, and just as importantly, is a terrestrial radio smash in Canada, whose listeners are dazzled by Rebecca’s tribute to their homies, legendary rocker Burton Cummings and The Guess Who. She also fondly name checks The Who on this song. This success is the latest in a DGD-Chago hitmaking streak that includes the hard-hitting, pandemic era cuts “Darkest Hour” (#5 on the Euro Indie Chart), “No More” (#11) and “Clean Slate” (#7) as well as “Raybans in the Rain,” the title cut of the new compilation and a festive celebration of summer, Rebecca’s favorite season.

Beyond the Chago cuts, the new album boasts another key DGD collaboration, her emotional mid-2021 tune “Boulders Weeping – Cry No More,” which hit #6 on the World Indie Music Chart and featured a powerful vocal hook by former Gap Band member and gospel/R&B artist Dorian P. Williams.

Rebecca Davis (DawgGoneDavis)

The collection also includes her lighthearted yet poignant perennial Christmas hit “Here Comes Santa Dawg” (which hit the Top 5 on the World Indie Music Chart three holiday seasons in a row!) and a sublime revisit of “Butt On Fiya”, her 2018 single (#3 on the Euro Indie Music Chart), which, true to the autobiographical whimsy she brings to so many of her songs, found her mocking the breast cancer she beat and compensating for her removed mammaries with a genetically blessed rear end. The other tracks on Raybans in the Rain are her socially conscious, prayer like “Weight of the World,” a call to “Judge Not, Rap Yes” and one of her most playful, rockin songs ever, “Checkered Future.” 
From the very beginning, the foundation of the DGD sound has been her ongoing creative relationship with the dynamic Euro connection she considers her massive music weapons – German Producer, saxophonist, flutist Hellmut Wolf and explosive electric guitarist Romain Duchein. On some of her early hits, their overall sound design included the intense grooves of drummer Jack T. Perry. While Wolf has always showcased his formidable sax skills on previous Rebecca DGD tracks, “Appreciation” allows him to shine on his Ian Anderson influenced flute playing with fills and a powerhouse solo that reflects Burton Cummings’ prowess on the instrument."

“I feel so happy and blessed to have connected and worked with such talented musicians whom I never would have crossed paths with had I never taken a big leap to become an artist,” Rebecca says. “Working with Hellmut, Chago and Dorian, among others has completely changed my mindset as to the kind of tracks I want to create moving forward. No soft love songs for me, but a big, bold sound driven by “rap and roll” and “rock & roll.”  I still write and rap the way I have always done, telling the stories in my life – and in fact, my upcoming song, which will feature Earth, Wind & Fire keyboardist Billy B. Young, is about my growing up in a small town and getting into very mild trouble. I love the way working with artists on this level has helped me develop my writing and performing, and my vision of what I can be as an artist. People look at me  and say, “how did she get to work with such huge talents? How did you make that happen?” “For me, it’s more that they hear and understand what I’m trying to do (and give to the planet) while we are all singing & dancing.”

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June 27, 2022

Asher Laub - 'Raataan Lambiyan' (Violin Cover)

Asher Laub - 'Raataan Lambiyan' (Violin Cover)

The striking execution by Asher Laub gives you an in-depth insight into how talented this artist is. He puts the soul in the violin highlighting the intricate details which are necessary to bring out the colours of such a difficult instrument. A seamless flow of melodious and harmonious notes presented with a breathtaking rendition requires a lifetime dedication which Asher certainly possesses. Microscopic elements can be clearly heard and absorbed leading to a pitch-perfect and emotionally driven performance. This tuneful instrumental pursues and covers various essential violin bowing techniques to achieve accuracy. The control over fading volume, vibratos, immersive multi-layering, blending of octaves and gently flowing through them shows the level of meditation of such a renowned musician on his instrument.

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June 27, 2022

Savarre - 'Unbeautiful'

Savarre - 'Unbeautiful'

The classic rock guitar shines through the amps as the rhythm takes over the punchy and tight beats. The raw and real energy that this song brings to your attention puts you in a rebellious and powerful heat wave with its intriguing vibrant form. The remarkable vocals are impeccable and portray a perfect balance between soothing and emphatic performance. Along with the melody, you can also experience the aggression delivered through the lyricism. The overall intense vibe that peaks through this song will make you reverberate with its genuine emotion. The shimmering drums and feedback noise from electric guitars uplift the traditional rock spirit of this song. Just like the musical characteristics showcased by the captivating composition, the technical aspect also radiates through its production. This song is undoubtedly the earworm for all rock fans.

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