'24 Hours Apart' by 'Out of Pity'
'24 Hours Apart' is a great example of how off-beats are used in a song, and after every few beats you will enjoy its spicy variations. The vocals and instruments echo back and forth as if conversing with each other. The voice has fantastic range which can be noticed when transitioning from lower to higher notes seamlessly, and if you pay attention you can hear the vocal harmonies layered nicely behind the main vocals - smooth and soothing. The lead guitar solo is wonderfully gritty and maintains the emotion of the song perfectly. From start to end, the bass and drums maintain the interest and depth of this song consistently.

In fact, every instrument is expressive, just like the vocals, and combined with the delay and reverb which uplift the track, every emotion that the song has to offer is defined, making the track super-addictive. Overall, the vibe is sharp and bright, yet contrasts with a sad lyrical undertone that is perfectly delivered.

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About 'Out of Pity'

'Out of Pity' Band
"'Out of Pity' is a five-piece Alternative Rock band with elements of Pop, Indie, Punk, and Emo.

The band members, hailing from various locations around the UK: London, Brighton, Milton Keynes, Folkestone and Canterbury, began writing music together online during the pandemic lockdown."