Larry Olusegun's single 'Hopeless Lover'
Beautifully written, beautifully composed and most importantly, beautifully performed by Larry Olusegun. 

Every element of this song holds its own strong impact on the listener, and the vibe is well sustained throughout. Raw acoustic guitars with vocals in the beginning builds the feeling of this song, slowly merging into a bigger and larger perspective that Larry wants to deliver to the listeners. Vocal harmonies are nicely placed around the main vocals and there is indeed an organ (keyboard instrument) being played that sits at the very back of this song if you focus on it- very thoughtful and creative.

Drums and bass brings the thickness and heaviness, and, in contrast, the guitar solo is soothing yet powerful.

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About Larry:

"Larry Olusegun (stage name, LANRAY) is a singer/songwriter from the Dallas area in the US. He enjoys captivating his audience in a roller coaster of feelings with his writing style and performance presence. With a voice that is bound to keep you locked in, a story you are bound to relate to, his choice of sensitive and personal lyrics, Larry takes you on a journey outside of this world.

Larry assumed responsibility for his future when at the age of thirteen, lost his father to a sickness. As a kid who spent the first sixteen years of his life in Nigeria, Africa, he had his mind made up to be an electrical engineer. In early 2016, he bought a $40 guitar from Amazon, (just for fun, as he’d put it) and taught himself how to play it from YouTube videos. Little did he know that it was the start of something big in his life. After spending some quality time learning his favourite songs, at the age of eighteen, Larry had soon developed an aptitude for writing songs. His journey through life has always been his number one inspiration for his music."