At its centre, 'Heart of a Hero' is motivational and inspiring. The very important message that this song conveys is not lost in the powerful emotion induced by the delicate and beautiful tune. Both elements are tied perfectly together, presenting a timeless, raw work of art that will be remembered.

Acoustic guitars and melodious vocals are the key elements that impact this track. Kaitlin has done a great job of defining the vibe she wants to impress, and the whole track stands as a strong example that complexity and loudness are not always necessary in a song to hammer home a message.

'Heart of a Hero' by Kaitlin Tomas  - a beautiful tribute to frontline healthcare workers

For me, the composition is the most effective part of this song. It delivers emotion, it has a surprising variety in chord progressions as it continues through, and thoughtful vocal harmonies gives an idea of how impressive the range of Kaitlin's voice is.

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Kaitlin Tomas in her own words:

"Born and raised in small-town Tennessee, I grew up steeped in the culture of Appalachian folk, bluegrass, country and worship music. I remember riding in my dad’s old truck down backroads listening to classic rock and dancing in the kitchen with my mom to 80’s pop and soul. I quickly began forming a soundtrack to everything in my life. I took classical piano lessons and folk style guitar lessons as a child - I honestly didn’t appreciate it as much as I would now. After years of stage fright and self doubt, the biggest influence in my musical evolution came from a decade of singing in campus choirs where I found my voice and was classically trained to share it. One of my directors even made me sing a solo for a final grade in school, it was just the fire I needed to fall in love with sharing music on my own.

Since then I’ve released original music and collaborated with other artists and labels including RiverSound Studios, Verb Records, American idol contestant and songwriter Angel Lea Higgs, Calling Glory band, Raviner, Spoken For band. I've led worship for church services, street festivals, summer camps, nursing homes, corporate dinners, sporting events, recovery meetings, county jails, cathedrals and concert halls to soup kitchens and street corners. I’ve collected and cherished pieces of each experience to grow and learn from. There is no place that doesn’t deserve a heartfelt song. There is no person who isn’t a worthy audience. My first independent release under a new artist name comes after my last single 'Home' (under my maiden name, Kaitlin Andrews) is Heart of a Hero - paying tribute to the selfless frontline and healthcare workers who have gone to hell and back to protect our most vulnerable elderly population during the pandemic. A classic acoustic ballad tells the story of what it's like being a frontline healthcare worker in the field during the darkest of times and sends encouragement and love to them. True heroes have a beautiful heart that grows resiliently through the storms."