Ashlyn Nicole is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Her style is a blend of classical with contemporary overlaid with various jazz influences. Each of her songs have a purpose to spread a message of hope and love for those who are lost and brokenhearted. In addition to being a solo artist, she also sings harmonies and backup vocals, and plays keys with the urban folk band Welcome Home.

A message from the artist:

"'I Trust You' came out of an honest reflection of the way I respond to difficult situations. As I’ve grown in my faith over the years, I feel like I have been quicker to trust in the Lord during the tough times.
It’s like there is a history book of God’s faithfulness in my life that I can look back on. This helps me choose to trust Him during the present difficulties as I remember how He’s always come through for me in the past. And I can trust Him to continue to do so. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s always easy to do so. Or that I feel that peace and assurance right away.

There are definitely times of mourning, struggle, and crying out to God in frustration or asking why. But, after the tears and the questioning and frustration, I always ultimately come back to understanding and proclaiming the truth that I so assuredly know. He has proven Himself faithful in my hard situations time and time again. And so I can say, at the end of every hard day, that no matter what, I will trust Him. I like to think that this song is characterised by a sassy honesty that is further complemented by the Latin-jazz inspired rhythm and instrumentation!"

'I Trust You' by Ashlyn Nicole was released on 17th May 2021 and is available on your favourite streaming platforms.