'Cat' by Ania
What makes this song special? Well, everything! 'Cat', performed by Ania is a powerful, punchy single from start to end. Ania's voice perfectly fits for such an energetic song. The vocals have lots of depth, and invokes a range of moods. Completely electronic synth-pop, this song sounds futuristic but also gives a certain vintage electronic vibe. This empowering song is filled with variations in vocals as well as in electronic beats and sounds. The vibe of this song is metaphorical energy drink. Another thing that's amazing about Ania's voice is the range, as the voice covers higher and lower notes equally.

Definitely listen to the catchy synthpop 'Cat' by Ania on Spotify.

Ania's story:

"For 12 years, (2007-2019) I had been a singer in rock/metal bands. That experience helped me to understand how the music industry works. In 2019's November, I felt ready to express myself, as a solo artist. This project is my other side. I wanna share with people, my feelings, my story, my pain, my deepest inner thoughts, in a surrealistic way, so that's the reason why I chose 80s synth-pop upbeat, freedom vibe. The last thing that I add to my music is a little bit of my mental illness because I try to make my songs more relatable. Music is the only thing, that is always there for me, helped me to survive, and never abandoned me. Hope my fans will feel the same way.

Ania singer songwriter

My first single Fade away, was written about after a heartbreak, and that was the point when I decided, I'll make my EP about this process. Soon I released Cut, my second chapter in that story, I talked about isolation, leave before they leave situation, dissociation, and self harm, bet that wasn't your first thought, and that's how mental illness can be, you only just see the surface. My third release came out 2021.05.21. and dig deeper in this journey."