Mel and The Tall Boys, Part With Your Mind song

'Part With Your Mind' takes us back in time with its sweet retro vibes of 60s & 70s rock music. This track oozes charm and an amazing energy throughout with palpable, grungy guitar tones and a bass-line which keeps the song pumping and rich. The soothing vocals sits nicely in the mix surrounded by those sick guitars, and the drums provide perfect rhythm and tone that smashes the necessary power through. Some guitar leaks here and there, and reverb and harmonies to the vocals keep us absorbed till the end!

Want to know more about 'Mel and The Tall Boys'? Read on...

'Mel and The Tall Boys' are a brand new band of "weirdos" who have gathered together to create bluesy, soulful rock music that blends together the best parts of punk, garage rock, and power pop.

The project is a fresh collaboration between Mel Johnston, of Brooklyn-based soul band, The Foxy Johnstons, and Kyle Lacy, rockabilly guitarist and singer, formerly of Harlem River Noise.

Mel and Kyle met at a session at Hive Mind Recording in Brooklyn where Mel was brought in to sing background vocals for one of Kyle’s latest songs. Since that day, they’ve remained close friends and collaborators.

Their desire to make fun, energetic garage rock was always something they mused about. Now, the project they dreamed up will soon be out in the world for all to hear on their debut four-track EP, soon to be released independently.

Their lead single 'Part With Your Mind' will be out everywhere on May 7th 2021. They look forward to causing non-life-threatening injuries when people rock out at their shows.

'Part With Your Mind' - a powerful rock single by 'Mel and The Tall Boys'