Perter Gural's Stay Out of My Dreams
Emotions are an integral part of any song. The first thing to notice in this song is Peter Gural's voice. It is full of expression, lifting the whole vibe of the song. And it's not about just the vocals, the instruments push reverb and delay to uplift the song even more, really thoughtful! The composition of this song has some surprising variations which make it sound super easy on the ear - a challenge that Peter Gural has successfully done.
The lyrics tell a story of emotional struggle. Peter seems to be going through a challenging time, expressing a desire for change and a need for solitude. It hints towards a conflict between wanting to move on and the persistent thoughts of someone who is making it difficult for Peter to find peace, even in his dreams.
The song mentions the difficulty of letting go, and there's a sense of frustration with the person in question. Despite wanting to be alone and find relief, the thoughts of this person linger, impacting Peter's ability to sleep and dream peacefully.

Peter grew up being the kid who liked to play in nature instead of team sports. He never felt like he fit in 'till he found music. It gave Peter a newfound confidence to put himself out there and "blend in a little". That’s why Peter makes music for outsiders on the inside. "Most people don’t fit the mould."

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