'Lostlnds' song 'Ponce De Leon'
Sit back and enjoy the chill vibes from 'Ponce De Leon'. A balance of soft electronic melodies and beats. Surround by melodic variations, this song will soon have you relaxed with its dreamy, abstract tones. The smooth, soothing and melodic vocals of 'Lostlnds' are fresh and blend nicely in the mix. This is a track that you can come back to time and time again and it will feel as fresh as the first time you heard it!

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Lostlnds is a 21 year-old indie music artist from Washington DC. For Lostlnds, making indie music is more than just making music. It is culture, the freedom to be yourself, and the kind of people you meet in the genre. Lostlnds music is inspired by many artists, but mostly the Local Natives and Beach House.