'Echoing' by Lotte Pearl

A song to which most of us can relate! 'Echoing' is completely wrapped by Lotte's soothing vocals and soft indie guitars. Lotte's voice has a good range, and with this range the voice has still managed to pull off all the emotion that this song needs without over-sharpening or being harsh. 

The most creative part of this song is the way words are placed around the beats keeping the melody intact. Arranging lyrics written in the form of a casual style with a rhythm that carries the interesting and core musical element throughout, is really something Lotte has successfully done.

We also get a treat of a guitar solo along the way and can also enjoy the flexible vibrato in Lotte's voice.

Definitely listen to 'Echoing' by Lotte Pearl on Youtube.

A note from Lotte Pearl:

"Hello! My name is Lotte I am an 18 year old singer-songwriter from Lewes in England. I have been gigging around local venues since I was 16! In early 2020 I released my first single 'Jet Black Hair' after recording it in my grandma's house with my new gear I got for Christmas. I have released an EP and two singles, in late 2020 I had my debut London gig. Some of my musical inspirations are 21 pilots, Leonard Cohen, and MIKA. I would describe my style as alternative Indie pop!"