'Vile!' by 'Barbizon'
'Vile!' by Barbizon is not just a song, it's a journey! A journey through various melodic and rhythmic variations. This song has a delightful mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds - very thoughtful composition. There are meaningful transitions which keeps it interesting till the end, and many noticeable and hidden elements scattered throughout that push the vibe even further. Very well done! The vocals are performed in a way which set the mood of this song nicely. Not at all overdone, the effects on vocals are a treat and so is the sweet reverbs and delays that are placed softly over it. The rhythm changes performed are next level.

They literally change the strength and impact of the emotions that the song pushes the listener to feel. The piano in this song is the cherry on top!

Great song! Definitely listen to ‘Vile!’ by ‘Barbizon’ on Spotify.

About ‘Barbizon’

"Barbizon is an emerging band based out of Vancouver, BC. The name serves as a pseudonym for James McKitrick, the author and composer of the bands’ songs. The female vocalist is Pelin Dogdas, a friend of James, they met during their studies at the University of British Columbia. Barbizon has been playing at different shows and bars all around British Columbia, Alberta, Toronto as well as New York, where James had the extraordinary privilege to perform some songs at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, where renowned poet Allen Ginsberg performed many times."