'Nothing's Gonna Change This' by 'Vacant Bays'
Simplicity is the key element of this song, and yet the vibe you feel runs much deeper. It has many subtle details placed nicely throughout.

It's very catchy! This is helped along by a smooth combination of glittering guitars with minimal and intelligent chord progressions, and clean, amazing vocals. The warmth of the vocals create a soothing, optimistic feeling, and the punchy bass-line and thick drums are performed well, bringing a comforting weight.

This song will surely keep you engaged in dreams and memories. A song that everyone can relate to and enjoy!

'Nothing's Gonna Change This' by Vacant Bays was released on 16th June 2021 and is available on all streaming platforms.

Vacant Bays in their own words:

"Vacant Bays is a British duo from London, coming from humble beginnings as self-made independent artists. We draw on our love of all different music like rock, jazz, country and folk to create our unique sound that is hard to find anywhere else. This year we hope to continue to put out even more heart-warming music, and maybe meet a few happy faces when venues re-open for live performing."