Feel the depth of emotion with 'A Stranger I Know' by Lucia Desimone
Purely soothing acoustic guitars and the amazingly calm voice of Lucia immediately takes over a restless mind. She introduces a vibe that wraps you with emotion. Lucia's voice is a medium for sharing feelings. Her words have been composed thoughtfully and the music has been used as an expression to explain the true meaning of those words. 

There is a perfect combination of vocals and guitars across this song. A touch of guitar solo introduces beats which last, adding a variation with the purpose of fulfilling the flow of emotions, like a flow of the river. Vocal harmonies are sprinkled throughout adding interest.

The core of this song are the spaces filled by the reverb of various instrumental elements leaving a long lasting impact.

Definitely listen to 'A Stranger I Know' by Lucia Desimone on Spotify.

About Lucia Desimone:

"I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I grew up in Milan, Italy. I am currently majoring in songwriting with a minor in production from Berklee College of Music. I am planning to release an EP with original music soon as well as covers from artists that inspire my songwriting techniques."