Get empowered with 'We Could Be Kings' by Esha K.
A true indie rock single, this song by Esha K. takes over your mind with its catchy and addictive tune. Easy going chord progressions with nicely composed verses drive the song towards the chorus. The vocals build in the first verse, transforming into a strong and uplifting chorus which demonstrates the range of Esha K.'s voice. The chorus is impactful, starting with a punch of guitars and drums, both wrapping around the voice, making for an extremely empowering song. A touch of overdrive effect, combined with reverb on the vocals, and overall compression impart character.

The energy of both the instruments and vocals are thoughtfully variable -  a brilliant way to compose a song as the lyrics hold variable emotion and meaning, mirroring the energy.

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About Esha K.:

"Esha K., a San Francisco Bay Area native, is an alternative-rock/indie vocalist and songwriter with extensive experience within the music industry. Influenced by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Jeff Buckley, and James Bay, her music incorporates a unique blend of heartfelt lyrics, powerful vocals, and catchy guitar riffs to deliver songs that appeal to people from all walks of life. Esha is passionate to use her position as a woman in the music industry, and as a person of colour, to bring a fresh perspective and sound to the alternative rock genre."