Discover a new ‘Spark’ by ena b.
This song has its own unique place when it comes to ena b.’s voice and simple yet meaningful lyrics. ‘Spark’ starts with a piano accompanied by vocals, a very soft synth, and a rhythmic echo, immediately setting a vibe and depth of this song. As the song goes on, the depth grows and your understanding of the true nature of this song grows with it. Dominating vocals frame beautiful words. As the track progresses more and more layers of instruments are gently revealed, and the balance between every element is maintained. Guitars play, seemingly in the distance and drums are introduced expanding the audible picture.

As the song enters its final stage, all the pieces connect together creating a peak of emotion. ena b. brings a hope through ‘Spark’.

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About ena b.

"ena b. (aka Verena Bachinger) is an Austrian singer-songwriter based in Lisbon, Portugal. She writes about the places, people and experiences that have shaped her life and the things in the world that inspire us to speak out. Her journey as a songwriter began in 2014, when she began studying composition and writing songs in Jerusalem, Israel. Over the next 2 years, she experimented writing in various genres and styles before moving to Lisbon in 2016. Once in Lisbon, she began to write in earnest, tapping into a deep well of inspiration from her past and present, honing her craft and developing her own style. Influenced by the sounds of Americana, indie and classic folk, garage and artists like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Cat Power and Aimee Mann, she wrote dozens of songs and collaborated with various musicians from Israel, Portugal, USA and Austria."