'No Made Promises' by Melissa Cherie
Mellow, clean electric guitars set the melodic atmosphere around us, while strong depth of creative chord progressions perfectly trigger the emotion of this song. Low, smooth bass playing at the back of colourful guitars adds warmth. We are quickly introduced to the mesmerising, hypnotising and distinctive voice of Melissa Cherie with thoughtful lyrics. Every element together in this song offers a form of escapism. This track is extremely well composed, evolving yet maintaining a consistent vibe, like stepping up on a ladder each time a new instrument is introduced. A truly artistic approach. Drums and a pinch of other percussive instruments set a reliable rhythm, the kick and snare keeping time like a clock ticking, pacing the song until the end.

There is so much to explore in this song - beautiful vocal harmonies, acoustic piano and violins with sustaining ambient sounds touch the peak of the listeners emotion. In a whole new turn, this song walks us engagingly to the end, adding a rock element with magnified, crispy electric guitars, drums and bass dominated by powerful vocals and harmonies. With the addition of bass vocals accompanying Melissa's voice, this song surprises the listener by adding a touch of brass which really showcases the experimental side of this song. As smoothly it all started, smoothly it ends.

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About Melissa Cherie

"Melissa Cherie is a singer-songwriter with a band from northern NJ.  For fans of: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Death Cab for Cutie."

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