'Now' by Eunith

This song starts with clean, edgy, powerful guitars strumming left and right, fuelling the pacey rhythm from its core. The groove comes from the heavy kick which drives powerfully throughout, accompanied by the warm bass, bringing depth. With all these elements layered nicely, we are introduced to great storytelling vocals . As the song moves on, it unleashes vibrant colourful form. Eunith's melodic low and high pitch vocals continue to intrigue and the addition of a cool guitar solo adds variation to the overall mix. Holding on to the consistency of each and every element maintains the energy throughout. This atmospheric song would be the perfect company during a soothing late night drive.

'Now' by Eunith is available on all good streaming platforms.

Watch this official music video of 'Now' by Eunith.

About Eunith:

"American singer, songwriter, and producer Eunith balances his love of dance music with the influences of garage rock, indie pop, and hardcore from his adolescence.

The musical development behind Eunith is marked by several stages throughout his life: 

• Piano child 

• Guitar kid 

• EDM nerd 

• Ambient fan 

• Funk wannabe 

• and finally acceptance of the self

While many of his musical influences are apparent upon first listen, some less-obvious artists have been integral to the evolution of Eunith's sound, including Yanni, Iron & Wine, and The Fall of Troy.

Hailing from central California, he has taken his sweet time over the course of a few years to slowly write and revisit each of his planned releases for 2021. Most recently, he has embarked upon the arduous task of creating a music video for each single released this year, hopefully totalling 6 by year's end. As Eunith's songs were written sparsely over long periods of time, oscillations between genres and instruments are certainly present, and to be expected for future releases as well."