'Want You So Bad' by Square Dance Caller
This punchy, groovy song lays down a heavy rhythm from the get go, tamed by a sweet piano. There is a consistent energy right from the start which sets a bright head-bobbing mood. The guitar and bass tone really fit the vibe and uplifts the rhythmic pattern. Vocals are really well performed, defining the lyrics. Higher and lower octave vocals are layered and make the composition more prominent - really thoughtful! The dramatic pause linking at the end of the first verse keeps the beat running and is a great add-on as the chorus is revealed. Many interesting musical and rhythmic elements are introduced along the way, like claps and synth in the second verse.

The song genuinely continues to evolve little by little, each element making a huge addition to the flow of the song, keeping the track interesting and delightfully non-predictive. An extraordinary radio effect on the vocals that has a panned delay at its tail with the chorus running along side is such a genius way to end the song!

Definitely listen to 'Want You So Bad' by Square Dance Caller on Spotify.

About Square Dance Caller:

"Sibling duo Square Dance Caller entered the music scene earlier this year with their debut single “Swimming Pool”, a sold-out show at The Workers Club in Melbourne, huge success at College Radio in the US and the blogging and playlisting world in Europe. The brothers released their second single ‘Electric Sleep’ with a video that was a nod to their Grandfather, featuring footage of him in his prime as an actual square dance caller. An in-demand show at The Workers Club, which was marred by all things Covid. Now the brothers return with their eagerly awaited third single ‘Want You So Bad’, a song that will have you dancing from your kitchen to your lounge and spinning to your bedroom until the clubs re-open."