Originally written by Janis Ian, holding a strong positive message, this fantastic cover brings us Jeff Lake's take on 'Better Times Will Come' with his mesmerising voice. 

The depth in vocals truly lifts the vibe right from the start. Starting with melodious lyrical harmonies, we get to know the true reach of Jeff's vocals. There is a consistent energy throughout, travelling from verse to chorus, accompanied by smooth, warm acoustic musical instruments like fiddle, banjo, mandolin and upright bass. The very definition of beauty in simplicity. The vocals hold vibrato and variable tonal shifts while moving smoothly through this well-composed song, showing the raw greatness of Jeff's talent.

Sustaining certain musical notes is a challenge, but in this song, Jeff Lake handles the variations easily with his superb vocal range. Emotions are expressed not just through voice, but through different instruments, and can be felt delivering a feeling of hope. The uniform rhythm keeps the song wholesome with an uplifting character, making this song not just a remarkable, but a memorable one, bringing strength to our hearts. We are treated to a quick solo on multiple instruments which act as a bridge at the end of the song, adding a layer of variation. Listening to this version of 'Better Times Will Come' will definitely inspire you in hard times.

Listen to 'Better Times Will Come' performed by Jeff Lake on Spotify.

About Jeff Lake:

"Recording artist, Jeff Lake, combines elements of rock, folk, bluegrass and country music for his own brand of Americana. A multi-genre singer/songwriter, he has written music for Universal Greece recording artist, Michalis, the theme song for CBS’s Latin American Idol spinoff show, the “Nueva Estrella Awards”, as well as recent collaborations with up and coming hip hop artists, Seon and Xan Louis. As a guitarist and band-leader, Jeff has perfected his craft by playing alongside members of the Billy Joel Band, the Dennis DeYoung Band (Styx), and the Transiberian Orchestra. His career began as a frontman for hair metal band, Big Bang, opening for groups such as Winger, White Lion and Extreme. 

His melodic, lyric-driven songs and down-to-earth approach are gaining him an international audience.
(New York, NY) - Jeff Lake follows up his 2020 release “Cellophane Flowers” with his own solo release, “Field of Grass” - a 5 song collection of covers and originals due for digital release on 8/20/21. CDs containing a bonus track are due 10/1/21 opening with the song “Better Times Will Come” by Janis Ian.

Coming out of the gate this summer, Lake has been selected by Reverbnation as one of NYC’s Most Popular Upcoming Artists. Jeff Lake already has over 12,500 monthly listeners on Spotify via the “Penny Lane” release with Cellophane Flowers. The new album, “Field of Grass” will be released in digital and physical outlets worldwide."