'Dancing with Evil Intent' by Elektragaaz
This soundtrack by Elektragaaz is not your ordinary electronic music, it is a unique take on the way various musical elements are combined, like an abstract painting! The balance of virtual and live instruments is well defined and generates sounds that hold a special purpose in the evolution of this track. Shades of multiple genres can be heard throughout, performed on guitar, piano, brass, violins and other, virtual instruments. The rhythmic pattern is constructed with a combination of these instruments, with some on and off-beat magic layered smoothly, showing us the well-constructed structure of the track.

A composition that evolves by shifting the impact of one instrument to another, yet keeping the energy consistent is very captivating. Every instrument feels like they are communicating with each other, sharing emotions and creating a super-pleasant atmosphere for the listener. All these musical elements change position, moving from background to foreground and back again which shows how well the song is mixed and produced. The subtle dance vibe is well implemented, delivering the expression that makes this track stand out. While most of the track utilises a primary chord progression, there are other chord progressions that can be heard from various combinations of instruments in certain parts of the track. Virtual instruments have a balance between sharp, bright and warm sounds adding character. It is indeed fascinating how well this track is executed, considering the complexity of musical elements involved, but it is coordinated perfectly.

Definitely listen to 'Dancing with Evil Intent' by Elektragaaz on Soundcloud.

About Elektragaaz:

"(New York, NY) - Art meets music as the artwork of highly regarded Polish artist Ola Lubczyńska perfectly captures the seductive spirit of the lead single from the new Elektragaaz EP, the third in a series. Described by reviewers as "deliciously sinister" and "dangerous, sly, and sexy," you can hear the song on Spotify or Soundcloud. And stay tuned for the hot upcoming video of "Dancing with Evil Intent," dropping this October. The Synesthetic Picture Show Now Playing Part 3, on the AIS Records label and distributed by the Orchard, is available on all major music platforms.

Elektragaaz is a global live and virtual instrumental group featuring a mix of live and electronic music with most of the members based in the New York metropolitan area but headed by a mysterious and intensely private 19-year-old Frisian composer using the pseudonym of Poppo Redband but usually referred to as simply Redband. The group exists in both the real world and in a fictional universe, a volatile blend that can be bewitching or bewildering or both. The music too can bewitch or bewilder, drawing on such far-flung influences as classical music, hip hop, rock, club, techno, pop, dance, film noir, comic strips and video games-- all precipitated by Redband's neurological condition which causes him to see music as well as hear it. The music is arranged and produced by Trebor Lloyd of City Canyons Productions who most recently produced The Painted Caravan Trilogy for The Peter Ulrich Collaboration headed by ex Dead Can Dance percussionist Peter Ulrich."