'She's No Doll, She's a Women' by Marshall Oakman
Marshall Oakman's 'She's No Doll, She's a Woman' is the second single from his upcoming EP, and displays writing range with its catchy sing-along vibe.

'She’s No Doll, She’s a Woman' also features the work of legendary New York based musicians Kasim Sultan (on bass), Liberty Devitto (on drums), and Paul Pesco (on guitar). 

Heading into this track we are treated to a very melodic start! Then we're introduced to artistic chord progressions with a strong message. The dominating vocals of Marshall Oakman produce powerful energy with a fresh tune.

This delightfully composed and crafted song has a unique take on smooth, mesmerising piano - the very soul of this song. Keeping the strength and pace, the constantly evolving musical elements is pure genius. The chorus hits hard, sitting on a platform of lyrically meaningful verses,  allowing the chorus the perfect build up. Punchy drums set a strong beat, adding to the intensity of rhythm. Warm bass mixed with wide guitars sits right behind the piano, adding depth. Rhythmic and melodic variations are sprinkled all over this engaging song, keeping it bright and rich till the end, making for such an empowering piece of art. Not just the music, but the strong lyrics by Marshall shows us his dedication to delivering a beautiful, powerful message.

She’s No Doll, She’s a Woman is about recognising, with appreciation, the indispensable significance and depth women have in our lives. This is underscored by stating they are not dolls, things or property. 

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'She’s No Doll, She’s a Woman' by Marshall Oakman cover art
About Marshall Oakman:

"Marshall Oakman is a prolific, New York based performing singer-songwriter.

At about six years of age, he first fixed his eyes on a piano. Pressing down on the black and white shapes, he discovered a timbre and texture that revealed magical keys to open doors that never close. As time passed, songs were born, flowing with a life of their own. Over the years, Oakman has honed his craft, creating a vast catalogue spanning a lifetime.

Vibrant, iconic pop/rock shimmers with Beatlesque harmonies, blending timeless themes, thoughtfully embraced and melded to magnetic melodies. Listeners find themselves hitting repeat and play, over and over again.

Marshall has energetically driven his skills as a spirited performer in regions along and beyond the East Coast such as the New York metropolitan area, upstate New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

His recorded songs include top musicians who have performed and/or recorded with Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Daryl Hall, Madonna, Hall & Oates, Steve Winwood, Jennifer Lopez, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Richie Sambora, Indigo Girls, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Blue Oyster Cult, Todd Rundgren, Patti Smith, Meat Loaf, The New Cars, Alicia Keys, Gary U.S. Bonds, and Mitch Ryder.

In line with the positive spark of his song, Nothing’s Holding Me Back, which is part of the soundtrack for the independently produced film, Townies, from Marshall’s album entitled 24/Seven, Marshall is hopeful his music will encourage and inspire fans to appreciate and enjoy the gift of life every day."