'Godzilla' by Taymarion
Kicking off with a sick beat and a melody that instantly captures your attention, Taymanion sets the bars high. Powerful words, wrapped in a solid rhythmic pattern captivates the listener. This song just keeps giving more and more as it progresses, evolving and introducing new vocal elements and variations. Taymarion's advanced skills in combining rhythms and rhymes create a smooth flow, like a river of strong emotions. Establishing dominant character in this song, we get to feel Taymarion's influential personality which is expressed through the distinctive resonance in his voice and lyrical genius. The impact of every word strikes like a branding iron, leaving a mark on the listeners.

Control over speed and quality of delivery are well executed, not just the rap itself, but also on those juicy vocals that are layered with many harmonies. Fluent transitions between verse and chorus, where the verse gradually builds the hype and the chorus drops the curtains, is just pure gold and addictive. Taymarion's mastery of building a structure on top of the roots of the traditional Hip-hop genre shows us his true passion for music. So many colours and flavours of expressions in this song are performed with a strength that is incomparable and consistent throughout. You will definitely enjoy this song filled with Taymarion's Godzilla level of self-confidence without any boundaries.

About Taymarion

"Born and Raised in NC, Taymarion began singing and writing at the age of thirteen. He begin releasing music at the age of twenty-five with his debut EP titled “Love Life Lyrics”. Since then he has released two albums, two EPs, and now with his latest track, “Godzilla”, seven music videos."