'Treating You Right' by Rico Gabon

RicoXMafioso spits fire in his new single, 'Treating You Right'. A rap with a perfect balance between melodies and lyrics keeps the the vibe fresh. The instrumentals in this track gives an emotional boost supporting the tone of vocals and the throw of words. The guitar holds the chord progression and starts a rhythmic pattern that evolves as the song moves on. Many musical elements in the form of loops are well placed to create a perfect, catchy rhythm before we are introduced to actual beats. RicoXMafioso then takes this track one step further, giving us the best of his voice. Lyrics are wrapped around the rhythm, as if each word is filling the gaps between the kick and snare, making for a smooth mix between verses and all the rhythmic elements sitting right behind it.

RicoXMafioso's voice is the very essence of the entire track. His voice is impactful and shows real strength. An expression of deep desires through verbal artistry can be heard in this powerful single. Maintaining the traditional Hip-Hop base while showcasing new ideas and musical structure is RicoXMafioso great achievement in this track. Pumping bass, a tight kick with snare, and complex hi-hats keeps the song groovy and hot. The chorus has a totally different vibe, pushing extremely creative verbal and rhythmic patterns that shows the true potential of RicoXMafioso's talent.
'Treating You Right' will be released from 29th October 2021 worldwide.

A word from RicoXMafioso:

"I grew up on the West coast of Canada, ever since I was kid. Moved to Montreal by myself four years ago after coming out of a long term relationship. Ever since the break up I’ve attempted to make music in my basement but it sounded like garbage. Finally told myself it was time to invest in myself and become a real professional in the field of music. I’m 28 now and about to release the past projects I’ve been banking up."