Beautifully crafted, calm yet bright, 'Caffeine' is the manifestation of a perfect indie sound. A clean, mellow guitar coated with a sweet vibrato effect right beside mesmerising vocals. Establishing the chords and their interesting patterns, we are introduced gently to the emotion of the song, entering into a flawlessly built ambience. The voice reveals colourful melodies and harmonies showing the appetite to express feelings. Rhythmic patterns combined with bass is steady and heavy, keeping a balance between everything that plays on and between the beats. The silence or the empty spaces with respect to all elements contains the magic in this composition, giving scope to reverbs and delay effects to sustain their impact creating a delightful atmosphere.

The climax of the song starts to bring more motion with a layer of depth over from the bridge section. Distant vocals carry higher notes, echoing chord progressions, sit behind a sick guitar solo with nice variations toward the end of the song. Listeners are definitely going to put this song on replay.

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