Carameladora - 'Home'
This instrumental conveys a familiar feeling of comfort and home. Electronic elements with a light guitar create an atmosphere that induces relaxation. A consistent rhythmic pattern supported by a synth that sustains the melody offers a feeling of hope and appreciation. This lovely soundtrack has synth and guitar plucks played soothingly alongside the rhythmic pattern that sits behind it, overall making the track feel as though it is an excellent improvisation. The chord progressions have smooth transitions and the track evolves gradually adding more depth over time. This music actually connects with the listener's mood, allowing the listener to freely travel into a wonderful world of imagination and memories.

The arpeggios take us on a faithful journey till the end making this instrumental memorable. Embracing the warmth, this delightful piece is a powerhouse of sentiments.

Definitely listen to 'Home' by Carameladora available universally - Link.

About Carameladora:

"Carameladora, a Bucharest-based artist, began creating music in 2019. Utilizing a vast array of synthesizers and ambient sounds, Carameladora creates moving meditations on nature, time, and space. She pairs her music with evocative imagery, creating an all-encompassing world through her art. While Carameladora’s art exists between the boundaries of genres, she has been influenced by a broad range of artists, both musical and otherwise. There are hints of electro-pop melodies, new age experimentation, and even post-rock explorations, all blended into one imaginative sound. Laced with romance and mystery, Carameladora’s music is the perfect soundtrack for late-night introspection."