'Freedom Road' by Cory M. Coons
The heartwarming, melodic, self-affirming vibe of this song can be felt straight away. 'Freedom Road' is splendidly written and composed by Cory M. Coons. With traditional acoustic instrumental elements, we are also treated to a slow-paced, smooth and creamy theme. As we sink into the music, drums are introduced, setting a consistent rhythm and paving the way for a mesmerising vocal performance. The transition from verse to the chorus is exceptional, adding depth and clarity, supporting the emotive lyrics. Cory's vocal range and harmonies are outstanding with natural vibrato bringing life to those sustained notes.

Flooded with emotions and passion, in spite of being soft and light, the energy of this song is layered with creative bridge sections and an impactful guitar solo that strengthens a message of liberation. Moving towards the end of the song we are gifted with a much more powerful chorus characterised by many variations showing us the highest potential of this piece in every way. The absolutely stunning, influential and remarkable song 'Freedom Road' by Cory M. Coons is a true work of art and medicine for the soul.

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About Cory M. Coons:

Cory M. Coons
"Cory M. Coons is a professional independent performer, musician and award-winning songwriter. With 30 years of performing and working in music, he began recording his own unique melodies and musical ideas while travelling and performing in a variety of very popular cover bands throughout the mid-to-late '90s in both Ontario and the United States. He enjoyed stints in well known local high-energy acts such as “Heads Or Tales” and “Shake The Tree”, as well as the band “U.S”, (in which he toured most of the South Eastern United States in 1998’). Then later formed his own Classic-Melodic Rock-influenced namesake “Tycoons”, releasing two independent recordings and performing throughout Eastern Ontario, Northern NY State, and Quebec in the early 2000s.

As a Roots-Rock/Americana blend of Singer-songwriter, Cory has amassed more than 170,000 plays on Spotify for his melodic brand of roots-flavoured rock. His work with famed legendary record producer Ron Nevison has earned him industry recognition from the Los Angeles Music Awards, the Producer’s Choice Honors, The Josie Music Awards, International Singer-Songwriter Association and the Radio Music Awards, among others. With a catalogue that boasts several critically-acclaimed full-length albums and EPs, as well as a handful of well-received singles.

Since 2004, Cory has released 4 full-length albums and 2 E.p’s, (with another recent E.p released in 2020), featuring the singles "Leavin" and "Good Times Gone". He released "The Long Road Home" in 2018, produced by Multi-Platinum Veteran Music Producer Ron Nevison, (Heart, Bad Company, Damn Yankees, Survivor, Styx, Night Ranger), along with fellow bandmate & guitarist/engineer Marc D. Muir. The album was nominated in 2019 for "Male Album Of The Year" at the Josie Music Awards, one of the biggest Independent Award Shows in North America.  He also received 4 nominations at the 2020 JMA's, and 3 more at the 2021 JMA's. Cory also earned a nomination at the 2021 "International Singer-Songwriter Association" (ISSA) Awards in 2021 for "International Male Vocalist of the Year".Two CMC songs have also been selected to appear in the soundtrack of the new Dream Cinema Productions Sci-Fi film "Night Mistress" currently in post-production in Los Angeles.

His latest single "Freedom Road" drops on Oct 1st, with MTS Management Group/MTS Records."