A traditional old-school rock single with punchy drums brings a blast of emotion that runs throughout the song. Well written and composed, this song starts by giving us a combination of synth organ, deep bass and guitars. Vocals are layered with harmonies and the piano is mixed perfectly, nestled among other musical elements. The transition from verse to chorus is very smooth and reveals the overall character of this song. Popular chord progression stays consistent throughout the song. Snare pierces through the rhythmic pattern and spaces in between are filled with guitar leaks. The guitar solo establishes the musical aspect that leaves a mark on the listener's mind.

The interesting part of this song is that it becomes more and more enjoyable as you listen to it over time. With unique vocal harmonies at the end of this song, 'Broken Dreams' feat. David Boulianne produced by Daniel Damian holds the ability to make a remarkable place in rock music.

About Daniel Damian Kapuscinski

Daniel Damian Kapuscinski is a film music composer and songwriter from Poland. He writes and produces music for independent artists and films. Daniel Damian Kapuscinski is a Film Music Composer, Music Producer and Sound Mixer. He graduated from the University of West London as Music Technology Specialist in Surround Sounds and HND in Music Production at City and Islington College. He is the founder and owner of the small post-production facility Cinematic Sounds Studio in London. Daniel started his musical adventure in the early 90s in Poland with a local band called “Trays” on organ and synths instruments. Soon after he started writing his own music and pushed his ambition to become a film music composer. After a long run finally, Daniel started working on his first film score for the short film “Care”. After his first small success, more work started coming his way and bigger projects.