'As Above' album cover by Undermine
A song for listeners who are into real brain-melting rock. This is an excellent example of old-school grunge and punk. Rocking right from the start, this track boasts a hardcore rhythm and tempo consistently throughout. Drums layered with aggressive and distorted guitars, playing those traditional power chords gives the song a bold and full character. As gritty and punchy as the instruments are, so are the vocals. The depth in the 'scream' is one of the unique elements in this song. A light touch of melody layered within bold, energetic and gritty vocals makes this song stand out. The power and potential at which this song is performed is just outstanding and would be even more imposing in a live performance as well.

Variable rhythmic patterns switching the intense impact of the song in both verse and chorus makes the talent and passion of this band really shine. The challenging pace and pitch of this track show the immeasurable force of these artists in every aspect of their art.

Check out the single 'Frost' and album 'As Above' by Undermine here.

About Undermine:

Undermine the band
"During the day, the band members are building skyscrapers in the Austin City Skyline, that they cannot afford to stay in; or working in hot kitchens when outside the temperature is 110 degrees. Undermine strikes and bites at the motto of "Potior Praelium Putatus;" a personal self-declaring allocation that you could translate from Latin into "Fuck, Fight, or Hold the light." Spreading Cowpunk in Austin, Texas, the Undermine band took shape from the roots of Austin’s living legends such as The Dicks, The Huns, 13th-Floor Elevators, Blaze, and Butthole Surfers. Eclectically distorted and infected by reality, this band prefers to self-define themselves, as one that is nowhere near as good. But considering the plethora of wannabe artists, aspiring rap stars, or 70s rock n roll cover bands raging out there, Undermines unique and eclectic touch is a sure-hitting delivery.

Sticking in your mind, and in your ears, their message is something difficult to forget or to remain unnoticed. Cody Cassell creates punk anthems for the riotous Undermine, writing songs that others could tend to decline blandly on plastic and wooden beats. Throwing intense Molotovs capable of exalting even the sleepiest of apathetic listeners, Undermine has nothing to share with cliché bands that struggle to appear tough and intellectual through a glossy patina. Their Unmissable New Album "Lost Funerals" is Out Now!!!! Give it a listen and see for yourself why this band is already making a difference! at least the Live Music Capital of the World, can still Rock... Well Kinda." Maximum RocknRoll.