'I'm a Ghost' by Short Empire
Right out of the gate, the listener's mind is engaged to its fullest. This song has unparalleled quality when it comes to rhythmic tones, layering and building up the vibe gradually. True vintage sounds have their place in this track, presenting the listener with a strong element of nostalgia with a pinch of a unique psychedelic effect. The bassline is melodic, running alongside the percussion. Sustained and long-tailed musical characteristics are profound and ensure the intended emotion. Smooth, soothing and passionate vocals are captivating and heartwarming, revealing the power and potential of the voice. The electronic sounds in this song, alongside acoustic guitar strumming, uplift the rhythm and intensity, taking the listener back to the analogue era.

'I'm a Ghost', elegantly merges all the diverse elements within its composition, and the lyricism brilliantly establishes the mood through its resonance, creating the captivating influence of Short Empire.

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About Short Empire:

"Short Empire are a London based psych-pop outfit formed in 2011. They have just released their sophomore LP 'A Basic Story' which is out now on SF Records."