A seemingly straightforward, delightfully simple and nostalgic 80's/90's rock single, 'The Subway Song' is a smooth and light melodic performance by [ai]. Beginning with a polished, crunchy guitar solo, the dynamics of this song are anything but straightforward and are deep enough to make this song very memorable. With an easy-going chord progression through the verses as well as chorus and an interesting change of chord progressions during the bridge, the listener experiences the beauty of a traditional performance in this wonderful song. The bardic lyricism of this song definitely captures your attention. Lyrics are poetic and metaphorical, and hold wisdom and a strong message.

The vocals have an interesting natural range, tone and vibrato superbly layered with harmonies throughout the song, and are accompanied by electric guitars, a warm bassline and percussion united with acoustic drums. The guitar has some awesome licks nestled in between the chords, keeping the song bright and fresh. Gentle, punchy drums perform an array of fillers, creating an impactful transition from one section of the song to another. Every single instrument plays in parallel to the vocals, which can be heard clearly with equal dominance, which tells us how accomplished the composition and mixing are. The originality of this song is definitely a notable recognition for [ai] as every element of the piece is unique and purposeful. The fresh, upbeat vibe of this song is definitely a hit.

Addictive and refreshing, 'The Subway Song' by [ai] is now available everywhere.

About [ai]:

"[ai]—as in I, eye, aye, etc.—is an independent music collective directed by Texas-born singer-songwriter Mark Will. Based on the island of Taiwan, the backdrop for the songs on Carmina Formosa (2016) and Carmina Formosa Deluxe (2020), the group creates its sonic alchemy in collaboration with producer Zen Chien (a.k.a. the George Martin of Asia) at the legendary 112F Recording Studio in Taipei (a.k.a. Abbey Road East). If you like the bardic lyricism of Dylan, the exuberant craftsmanship of the Beatles, the raw power of the Stones, the conceptual experimentalism of Pink Floyd, the transgressive artistry of the Velvet Underground, and the DIY ethic of the Sex Pistols—well, dear listener, you may have found your new favourite band. Are you ready for the ex-pat rock revolution? All in favour, say [ai]!"