Mark Joseph album 'Vegas Motel'
Mark Joseph narrates us through parts of his life in this album, with every song brilliantly composed and performed, including outstanding musical and lyrical fabrication. The tunes are extremely melodic and full of life, partly due to retaining rawness in production. Delightfully, it almost feels like it's performed live in a Vegas motel. Casting melodic and rhythmic dynamism yet maintaining a relaxed vibe overall is something rarely experienced in the world of music, but Mark hits the nail on the head. Like a river changing its flow from time to time, Mark Joseph, as an architect of this album, has really given us the ability to visualize his experiences through his songs.

Mark's voice changes its impact based on the tone of the song which shows us his commanding control over his voice. The listener will feel like they are looking at a storyboard drawn personally by Mark. Mellow guitars playing some creamy and spicy riffs, violins unleashing the delicious, sometimes complex melodies, mild bass and room for many variations and patterns are some of the exceptional displays of talent and true knowledge of the art. We are also introduced to groovy drums, percussions and, surprisingly, a beautiful flute, brass and organ that leaves an impact. Long musical phrases demonstrate the evolving character of this album. Indeed, every sound has a purpose and intention like each chisel stroke of a sculpture carved out of a single rock.

Mark Joseph's album 'Vegas Motel' is like a book that you wish to read again and again. Definitely listen to this marvellous album on Spotify or pre-order a CD.

About Mark Joseph:

"Mark Joseph’s 2021 third full-length album, Vegas Motel, is a highly personal record rooted in the emotion of the year it was written (2020), yet reaching far beyond the confines of the times. Vegas Motel delicately emotes Joseph’s real-life experiences and relationships dating back to when he was a young man. Co-producer and drummer, JT Bates (Big Red Machine, Hiss Golden Messenger), and Engineer Alex Proctor (Grace Potter, Dead Man Winter), perfectly compliment the records musical tapestry further solidifying Joseph’s talent as a singer/songwriter and collaborator. Vegas Motel features 8 original tracks including the standout instrumental, Early Riser, featuring Ryan Young of Trampled by Turtles."