'Vibes for Miles' album by Scott Waters
Beginning with a hopeful, cheery spirit, Scott presents us with a wonderfully written and composed song filled with melodic vocal harmonies, surprising chord progressions sustained by bright fresh and deep sounding guitars, and a rhythmic pattern chasing the next beat. We immediately get an idea of how the album is going to progress - but there are surprises! There is a well-maintained theme throughout the album. All songs utilise and shine a spotlight on every single instrument used in the album by allowing them their own individual chance to shine alongside vocals. Jucy fillers, small cameos of various instruments throwing shades of multiple genres and crunchy guitar solos are sprinkled throughout.

To name but a few favourites, 'Gypsy Heart' contains elegant piano and string elements. 'You Are Everything' is catchy and just urges the listener to sing along. 'We Don't Talk Anymore' is a melodious and deliciously traditional heartbreaking song at the core, and 'Whiskey Nights' holds an extraordinary and impactful duet. Scott Waters' album 'Vibe for Miles' is a timeless work of art.

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About Scott Waters:

Scott Waters
"I grew up in a small town in Northeast Connecticut which I compare to growing up on a blank canvas. So it seemed only natural to take refuge in music. I have been writing and performing music since I was a teenager. I have worked on other artists albums over the years but now have finally recorded and released my first solo project. PEACE SIGNS AND DRAGONFLIES.

After sifting through over 100 home demos I found these 12 to be some of my favourites. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I have enjoyed writing and recording them. It truly is a labour of love for me. During the making of this album, I found myself inspired to make music again. With a little luck, I will be back in the studio recording my sophomore album soon. Thank you for visiting my web page. Hope you enjoy the music.

Peace and Love, Scott Waters"