'Believe In Me' by YBH JayyR
With an extremely chilled vibe, 'Believe In Me' makes an entry with elements of lo-fi hip-hop melodies and tones. Dominant vocals give warmth with overwhelming emotive strength expressed through words and their delivery. Music and samples sound soothing yet powerful, keeping the balance between high energy and calm. Rhythmic patterns push the hip-hop element even further and beats leave an impact alongside instrumental pieces and vocals. Every track sounds professional and fine-tuned. The transition between each track is remarkably smooth, like chapters in a novel. Many well-defined variations add an element of surprise as well as uniqueness making this EP very enjoyable.

Creating an unforgettable ambience for listeners with solid bars, overall lyricism and a natural flow, we get a perfect representation of the passion and talent of YBH-JAYYR as an emerging hip-hop artist.

Definitely listen to 'Believe In Me' by YBH JayyR available everywhere - Stream Now.

About YBH JayyR:

"YBH-JAYYR is an emerging Hip -Hop artist, who fuses the style “Jester” Highly creative and ambitious, the aspiring rapper is determined to develop the best of his artistry. Born in Richmond Virginia as Coy Dean Jr his family moved to New York when Coy was a toddler, there they stayed until he reached 8th grade and eventually the family settled in Charlotte North Carolina. Music was a rich part of the family household; his father often ventured out to the studio taking his sons with him. The young rapper inspirations came from a variety of artists such as Michael Jackson, Young Thug & Chris Brown. (Casan-aka Slym and Cieve aka Lotto) are Jayyr’s elder brothers also on their musical journey. 

One day while working on lyrics they asked their young brother (JayyR) to pen a verse for them to see what he would come up with, Jayyr handed back the lyrics and it was then they spotted their brothers skill. Uniting their talent, the brothers coined the name “Young Blessed Hustlers”, giving themselves the option to work as a unit or independently. Since then, Jayyr has been working on strengthening his talent as an artist, with a highly creative vision he’s keen to develop his own unique style. Recently the rapper performed in Miami and has gone on to release two tracks “EYE” and “BROTHERS” which showcases the brother’s connection. The aim of this gifted artist is to continue to develop his natural music abilities, inspire his followers and make his parents proud. The journey has begun."