'Barbie Girl' by Natalievna21
Natalievna21, being an international DJ, pumps their experience into this track. Strong synth leads the song with wide feedback in the form of reverb and delay. The song has a unique start that is influenced by what seems like a wind-up musical box that represents the heart of the song. The sound evolves until a beat drop starts the rhythm. The mix is compressed tightly, cranking up the loud synth along with the vocals. Minimal instrumentals keep a consistent pace throughout the song, mimicking the notes performed by vocals, which are fine-tuned, possess great potential and also dominate the song. Beats are heavily pushing the kick beyond other musical elements leaving a strong impact.

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About Natalievna21:

"Natalievna21 (DJ Sara) is an international DJ/producer ( music styles: hard dance, dubstep, hard trance, jungle terror )  indie-pop singer and actress who started her DJ career in 2017 as a fast-growing artist already got places in the 2019 female DJ competition as #1 in category international Djane based in china and #85 in Europe by DjaneTop. Com her indie songs and dance music releases you can find on all internet platforms such as Beatport, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc."