'Elaine' by Working Class Hussys

'Elaine' is a catchy, groovy song, drawing the listeners back to traditional music. The composition is uniquely filled with all flavours of chord progressions, keeping the core strong. Switching between hard and soft variations of composition is inspired, adjusting the power of the composition depending on the message that the lyrics want to deliver, generating an ultimately engaging, emotional experience. Skilled and adept vocals also maintain an outstanding balance between soothing and strong tones, layered with creative harmonies. Instrumental elements do have their time in the spotlight though, dominating the track as their turn comes, representing the varying shades of the genre.

Crunchy, powerful, as well as sparkly clean guitars, hold their places well alongside the percussion leading to strong rhythmic patterns. The bassline pierces through the rhythmic pattern augmenting each beat. The synth has its unique place during various parts of the song, too, imitating what sounds like pitch bending strings - perfect. A delightfully surprising pinch of jazz instrumentals and big choruses enter the scene toward the end, nailing the high energy of this song.

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About Working Class Hussys:

"Central New Jersey’s Working Class Hussys are the hook-heavy Americana/rock band that’s redefining roots music. Led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ian Patrick Gentles, the band puts out a sound that deftly blends soaring harmony vocals, crunchy guitars, and big choruses into music no other group could make. Gentles spent a dozen years as an open-road trucker and comes by his American twang honestly. As such, Working Class Hussys use Southern, Heartland, and Alt-Rock influences interchangeably to create unforgettable original songs about the lives of everyday people. The Hussys will be dropping a series of eclectic singles in 2021 that will blow minds and bring the group to a larger, worldwide audience. Unable to tour due to COVID-19, Working Class Hussys continues to write, record, and build for the future. Gentles works daily to find new ways to connect with fans old and new and remains committed to creating and sharing his music in defiance of our current circumstances. He’s been using the miracle of live-streaming to perform on Facebook and Instagram, which has infused his songwriting with new life and is eagerly awaiting being able to play for a live audience again soon. Working Class Hussys bring the magic of the South to New Jersey and beyond. Fans of great original rock music need to get hip and start listening."