'Lost to a Coastline' album by Ellanora DellErba
A natural way of presenting music with an emphasis on the characteristics of each musical element, Ellanora DellErba's debut album, 'Lost to a Coastline' showcases unique true-to-life voice, composition and lyricism. With a vintage touch to the mix, we experience the freedom of thought, feelings and sentiments from the very first song till the last. The ingenious melodies uplifted by bright pianos, strumming guitars and rich violins add glimmer and bring luminosity to every song in the album. Rhythmic patterns are driven by a core combination of firm live drums, the profound flow of a strong bassline and gentle strokes of guitars.

Pianos and violins have width and sustain the essence of each song. The album has an intentional rawness that preserves the human element including vibrato and pitch components, keeping the music as delightfully close to the live experience as possible in this overly-polished age of the industry. The theme of every song is carefully nurtured which evolves into a beautiful journey. Every note is motivated by the perfect synchronisation of instruments that fill up the space in between, as well as in the background of dominant vocals, delivering a magical performance. This album is a body of instruments into which Ellanora DellErba imbues her soul via her voice.

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Ellanora DellErba's debut album, Lost To A Coastline, has been described as brimming "with stories of love lost, lessons learned, taking the high road, and remaining hopeful despite intense life struggles. The evocative title directly references a love lost to a geographic running away, and, on a metaphorical level, it conjures the dangers of global warming and other environmental ailments—our land could be lost to a coastline."

About Ellanora DellErba:

"Ellanora DellErba writes at the cross-section of vintage country, folk, and ballad pop, recalling the dirt roads traversed by Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. Her songwriting style is refreshingly authentic. Ellanora's music reflects both wisdom, from her love of life, and depth, from her ability to love others so deeply. She turns heartache into song and shares the relatable journey of the human experience through her art. Her style is hauntingly fresh and sweet, beckoning the listener to follow along, dirt country roads less travelled into their own heart.

This Tucson based Arizona native has been a Southern Arizona mainstay at annual music festivals since her youth; a fan-favourite at the Tubac Festival of the Arts, the Earth Harmony Festival, the Tucson Folk Festival, and The Sea of Glass—Center for the Arts. She is a featured choir solo vocalist and a featured artist/ interviewee on KVAN Visionary Radio Network."