Hannyta - 'Wildflower'
Electronically supercharged, the power of this song lies in the variety of sounds smoothly planting the essence of the song into listeners' minds. With synths playing warm and broad tones covering major dynamics, the atmosphere and intended emotion build quickly. A snappy, tight and boomy sound blended with a balance of concentrated beats and deep bass reveals the pop aspect of this song while a delightful addition of flute reflects more on the meaning and folk style of this song. The vocals are truly captivating with unique qualities dominating the song with force. Long-tailed reverbs and delays on the vocals make them shine and sustain. The climax of this song brilliantly merges genres.

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"Wildflower is a very positive and patriotic vibe, a lovely electric folk-pop love song with many artistic angles. I wrote the song after I have watched a film about the Navajo Code Talkers titled Windtalkers with Nicolas Cage, a 2002 movie and it really touched my heart. The Navajo language was an unbreakable code used by the US Navy during WWII. Despite the historical injustice that happened to the Native American Indians centuries ago the Navajos volunteered to fight for their country during the war. In the song, a Navajo girl who now lives a modern life falls in love with a navy sailor and shows how proud she is for her cultural background and family. It is about the true love between these young guys and also in the modern world, there is no place for a divide between people of any background."

About Hannyta:

"Born Hanna Olah, Hannyta is a 17-year-old singer and songwriter based in the UK. Originally from Hungary, the talented young starlet grew up in Scotland. Having spent a lot of time with her Aunt in Florida, she has developed a love of all things American.  After releasing a string of successful cover versions of songs by Idina Menzel, Rachel Platten and Lauren Daigle, among others, Hannyta released “Wildflower,” her debut original Euro Folk-pop single.  It hit Top 5 on the international iTunes charts!"