Live Wire On The Sunset Strip - Various Artists

The power of electronic music is perfectly described through the medium of this album. With overflowing Synthwave elements from the core, the tracks have an emphasis on wide and loud classic retro electronic features, hitting rhythmic patterns that glorify the genre. The boomy depth of bass mixed with punchy beats build traditional rhythmic patterns and are often gently subdued and consistent throughout each song. A taste of not just high energy but also a calm, slow-burning uniform melody can be experienced among all the songs. Vocals with a great scope of pitch and octaves uplift and trigger captivating sentiments.

Elements wrapped in various types of reverbs and delays create an atmosphere, surrounding the harmonies and resonances. A glimmer of soothing and relaxing ambience also shines through some songs. Every single piece has a distinct impact covering the sub-genres with a blend of vintage and futuristic music. Truly mesmerizing.

Releasing on 26th January 2022, Live Wire On The Sunset Strip performed by various artists will be ready to enthral listeners.

Tracks feature collaborations with Marvel83' (Czech Republic), Timecop1983 (Netherlands), Solar Burst (Finland), SilverHawk (France), VileMoral (Finland), Waves_On_Waves (United States), Luke Million (Australia), Thomas Barrandon (France), Arwelone (Ukraine), EarMake (Ukraine), Mike Haunted (France), and Niky Nine (France).

Waves_On_Waves is Ben Trexel - Guitar and Key Board producer-engineer.Brian Prost - piano and mixing producer-engineer. Chris Sevier - vocalist, piano, guitar. Marco Farouk - DJ and Producer Stephen Kohl - Video

Mixed by Mills Logan Mastered by Rodney Mills Master house All lyrics and melodies by Waves_On_WavesExecutive Producers Dan Eachus and Scott Forte