'Long Night' is catchy in every aspect. A smooth blend of various electronic sounds full of melodies and harmonies establishes a strong pop core to the song. The combination of these sounds builds an ambience that perfectly delivers the emotion that the  ET Boys intended to invoke. The rhythmic pattern creates a groove taking all the musical elements on a ride with it. Ron Haynes and the Game Changers (performing on brass) fill the track with many beautiful variations, galvanising the blues elements in a way that makes this song not just stand out, but shine. Powerful and dominant vocals impress their impact with style into the listeners' minds.

It honestly is a super-challenge not to sing along! The vocalist has a strong grip on vocal range, unleashing their talent with effortless mellowness and mind-conquering strength simultaneously. Covering the lows with a warm bass synth combined with a tight kick adds ultimate depth. The composition and writing are memorable and exceptional making their own special place in the track. Sounds unique to the verses and chorus add intriguing variety. Fusing them together with a delightful buildup and transitions packed with fillers makes for new discoveries on each play of the song. 'Long Night' is a rare example of how a song can still be unique in a world filled with familiar music patterns. We are along for the ride, never doubting that the music will play on and so will the ET Boys!

Definitely listen to 'Long Night' by ET Boys available everywhere!

A late night drive with 'Long Night' by ET Boys

Horns Performed by Grammy award-nominated Haynes and Game Changers.
Track Written by Sharkeyes Vocals by Tacboy.
Produced by ET Boys with Joseph Salamida/Vanquish Studios and Pepper Gomez.
Executive Producer - Pepper Gomez.