Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie - 'You're Not There'
Slow and persistent, this song has many beautiful elements to talk about. Starting with a guitar solo, the intro touches the complexity of flow giving us hints of blues. As the song steadily unfolds, it reveals layers of beautifully crafted guitars, piano and living and breathing drums which add and direct the rhythm. With an already wonderful start, we are gifted with amazing vocals, leading the song, taking charge in the delivery of the emotion and meaning the artists intend. We have natural and impactful vocals with harmonies and energy that are channelised through the singer's heart direct to the listeners. Melodic instrumentals unveil the creativity of mixing multiple genres which truly shows the talent behind the composition of this song.

Shades of Country with a touch of ballad smoothness can be heard from the musical structure of this song. It takes us on a journey of evolution from soft and gentle roots to the climax where all the instruments and vocals are at their highest peak of expression, just gushing feelings. Lorenzo Gabanizza and Jeff Christie have a powerful influence on their outstanding performance. Instruments like sax and pedal steel and bass have notable places and blend perfectly with background vocals, filling every absolute melody with variations and articulations. Reaching its end, this song leaves us with the unforgettable essence and power of music.

Definitely listen to 'You're Not There' by Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie on Spotify.

About Lorenzo Gabanizza:

"He was a member of various groups, especially from 1991, where he met Donovan, being enclosed on his staff. In 2016, Gabanizza produced and recorded a self-penned album, Celtic Bridge, which sold well both in Europe and the United States. In July he appeared in front of 12,000 people at the worldwide event Celtica. In October 2021, he releases a single featuring the multi-platinum Jeff Christie mastered by 63 times Grammy recipient Greg Calbi, who worked for Bowie, Dylan and Lennon. The song gets terrific press and reaches an impressive list of accolades: #1 in Itunes Country Charts, South Africa; #1 in the European Indie Charts; #4 in the World Indie Charts; #3 in the MTV USA Spotify chart; while the related video clip wins the 4th Golden Wheat Awards, the Toronto Alternative Film Festival and got an official selection at the Munich Music Video Awards, International Music Awards (London) and Malabar Film Festival (India)."

About Jeff Christie:

"Christie rocketed to fame at the dawn of the 70s with their single “Yellow River, “a smash hit that made it into the charts in just about every country in the world. Listeners found the catchy, commercial beat and melody — backed by solid production values and a “jingle jangle” sound that was to become a trademark of many other Christie offerings — an irresistible combination, and bought the single by the millions. The band was to follow up the single with many more songs that were just as melodic and appealing. “San Bernadino” brought forth more success, and has been adopted as that city’s official song. Another hit, “Iron Horse” is as close to pure commercial pop as you can get. Most of the band’s output was written by the group’s leader and lead vocalist, Jeff Christie, who was equally at home writing bright and bouncy, commercial tunes, as he was at dreaming up a lilting ballad, a soulful refrain, or a heavier, more powerful sound."