Louise Cappi - 'Keep That Dream Alive'
Straight from the beginning, the rhythm takes the senses via fantastic basslines and mellow guitars igniting the blaze. Louise has a breathtaking voice, covering aspects of jazz style with amazing vibratos and note extensions, a superb balance of energy and range.

We get terrific kick and snare drums accompanied by ticking hi-hat and filling percussion. The vocal chorus is live and raw just like the voice, untouched by over-processing. The fluidity on the guitar, especially during the solo is stunning, giving listeners a perfect taste of the genre filled with complex composition. The song is overall very melodious and words sit with intricate rhythmic patterns extremely well.

Definitely listen to 'Keep That Dream Alive' by Louise Cappi on Spotify.

About Louise Cappi:

Louise Cappi
"Louise Cappi is an internationally acclaimed New Orleans-based singer/songwriter, recording artist and entertainer. She is the daughter of the late great New York jazz guitarist, Al Cappi.

Louise and her band pack the house on Friday and Saturday nights at her weekly residency at Mahogany Jazz Hall, in New Orleans. She has also been a regular performer on the NYC music scene. Cappi has received global rave reviews for her music.

Powerful, explosive, humorous & soul-stirring is the only way to describe her music and live performances. Louise Cappi, aka,  "A genre of her own".

New single “Hope” coming this July on MTS Records. The new album HOPE is due this fall!"