December 17, 2021

Michael M Jeni - 'Tokooos II'

Michael M Jeni - Tokooos II

Groovy and calming, the song begins with soft keys in the background, easing the listener into the vocals. The stability of a traditional rhythm linked to the genre holds the energy, perfectly uplifting the piece. Michael's captivating voice is very comforting and sits proudly above the rest of the instruments. Minimal beats decorated by lots of small rhythmic elements, mostly electronic, but with a glimmer of variation that adds swing, lifts the sensational aspect of the song. The rhythmic patterns are hypnotic. They are accompanied by a creative bass pattern along with what sounds like a palm-mute effect sprinkling fillers throughout, pushing the progression of the song further. The composition and lyricism ensure an unforgettable experience and is engaging till the end. Words align on the beat, the tune aligns with the chord progression and overall the mix aligns to deliver the emotional impact it intends to, making this song catchy and unique. Effects like reverb, wider phaser on the vocals during the chorus, delays and many more production devices have their fair share of utilisation in this track, boosting the energy and keeping the listener vibing along. Delightful percussions play alongside, closing spaces with interesting features, giving the listener a wonderful treat.

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Michael M Jeni - Tokooos II

About Michael M Jeni:

Michael M Jeni - Tokooos II

"After Michael M Jeni’s uniquely written single “Relapse” was released with visuals and his newest single “Tokooos II” (Good Vibes II) we caught up with an insightful interview with such a talented artist to explore his eidetic experience and what he had to say about his incredible musical journey so far. Read below to learn some exciting details about Michael M Jeni and his musical journey. Multi-talented singer and Songwriter Michael M Jeni marvel the audience with his two singles “Relapse” & “Tokooos II” The track has an Afropop/Afrobeat sound and tells the story about relapsing on love, while the second song tells a unique story about good vibes with someone."

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