Sandeep Khurana (featuring Tanya Gupta) - I Wanna Know

This vocal-focused song shows a range and great ability of variations. A soothing voice adds many layers of emotion through vibratos and melodious sustained notes. Gently paced, just like the vocals, this song has a special place for fine-tuned guitars. They include a nice blend of acoustic and clean electric guitars filled with leaks and riffs. The duet ensures the song is fresh and interesting throughout, keeping the balance of low and high tones, giving a wide depth. The rhythm stays consistent along with the piano and bass. A blues vibe is introduced smoothly yet the song stays true to the genre, offering a degree of familiarity to the listeners.

The beauty of simplicity in the chord progression, overall composition and lyricism are memorable and intriguing from start to end.

Definitely listen to 'I Wanna Know' by Sandeep Khurana (featuring Tanya Gupta) available on Apple Music and all other streaming platforms.

About Sandeep Khurana:

"Sandeep Khurana is a US-based music composer, record producer, singer, and filmmaker. He has composed and released several music albums in the genres of new-age music, western classical music, fusion and world music."