Sarantos - 'I Feel You'
Wide strings and the breathtaking choir is the essence of this song. The combination of piano and guitar adds an interesting touch to the song sharing a tone that is one of a kind. The composition of vocals is really thoughtful and the melody is supported by a creative chord progression that corresponds to the emotion of this song. Soft drums leave a hint of a rhythmic pattern but a prominent bass really defines it. The music is great and the sound is expansive with the core feeling perfectly represented in the form of the calm and peaceful nature of the song. Although the mix could have been better, the tune of the song brings the theme of the song to the forefront.

The panning of instrumental timing is well done and overall the song is pleasant to listen to. 

Definitely listen to 'I Feel You' by Sarantos on YouTube.

About Sarantos:

"Sarantos is a DIY international award-winning solo music artist, singer-songwriter, proud nerd, multi-instrumentalist, book author, comic book nut, radio show host, poet and part-time spy. His music is a cross between Queen, Michael Jackson and Ed Sheeran. 2021 is Year #8 of his journey. Sarantos continues to release a new song, music video, book chapter and poem every month shaping his music to life! In 7 years, he has released 14 albums with 178 original tracks as well as 7 fiction/fantasy books that parallel the songs! He has had numerous media placements for his songs, instrumentals & cues.

Every year until the day he dies, Sarantos will release a new song and lyric video on the 1st week of every month, a new music video the 2nd week, a new book chapter the 3rd week, and a new Uncut Behind The Scenes video & Poem the 4th week of every month. The CD & book will then be released every November along with a surprise Instrumental CD. Every year. Forever.

Sarantos has been nominated for the International Music & Entertainment Association Awards, Hollywood Music In Media Awards, Josie Music Awards and the Hollywood Songwriting Awards. He currently has over 1 million Social Media followers and has been consistently rated #1 on Reverbnation in the rock and even pop genre worldwide.  Sarantos has performed at multiple venues including the Toronto Music Festival to a sold-out live audience. His May 2021 single, “I Never Catch The Train” reached #1 on the iTunes South Africa chart, and stayed there for multiple days. It also hit Top 5 on the UK iTunes charts!

Sarantos is proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to charity, hopefully inspiring other artists to do the same. His fans help him choose the charity each month. A few of the charities chosen so far include the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Make-a-Wish Foundation, American Heart Association, St Jude's, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Children's Hospital of Chicago, Feed The Starving Children, Meals on Wheels, Alcoholics Anonymous and many more.

Sarantos also hosts “The Songwriter Show” which is broadcast live on #1 ranked Pesmou Radio with listeners in all 206 countries in the world and every state in the US."