'NEVER' is a song that unmistakably carries the heaviness of profound feelings. With raspy, deep vocals accompanied with just a single acoustic guitar, we get the highest pleasure of sound through the melody and resonance. This song is a great example of how emotions can be shared through minimal music keeping the theme simple yet incredibly colourful. The acoustic guitar holds more lows blending with crispy highs performing with a fascinating chord progression, holding a firm grip on rhythm. The voice describes a story of pain and agony by contributing variations that support well-written lyrics and the tone. The sound is spacious and allows the reverb to extend the dynamics and overall energy.

The pacing is perfect in relation to the meaning of the song and has an intense impact mixed with a soothing undertone hidden within its composition.

Definitely listen to 'NEVER' by 4IV on YouTube.

About 4IV:


'Three-piece alt -new rock band from NY. Influenced by and love for all music. Ivan von Vogelstein on bass, James gadziala Godzilla on drums, and ray Abel junior on guitar. 4iv are looking forward to the 2022 support tour of national acts.'