Apex Zenith - 'Pinnacle'
After listening to this album, you will definitely believe that time travel exists. Right from the first song, nostalgia literally overflows through the theme. The retro-futurism approach of this album speaks for itself when it comes to infiltrating the experience with electronic music from the 80s. A mixture of synths, forging the glorious retro vibe with their sounds that dominate the music alongside punchy beats that craft the rhythm piercing through the frequencies. The heavy and impactful synth naturally contributes to a bass tone uplifting the dynamics. With a consistent flow of energy from one song to another, this album becomes a powerful adventure that stays true to the genre extremely well.

Songs like 'Turn Up Your Stereo' and 'Down the Line' define speed while keeping the melodic aspect alive. Songs like 'The Rain is Gone' and 'Beautiful' highly focus on melodies and harmonies of not just music but also the vocals. Overall, every song sounds fresh and holds unique characteristics that reveal the passion and dedication of Apex Zenith towards this album. The mix holds the warmth of analogue, with every element sprinkling its magic through its quality. The variable chord progression in the song 'Forever' is layered with the strength of synth and the ultimate force of vocal harmonies which highly encourages the emotional factor. The rawness of the vocals with a touch of reverb makes them remarkable and soulful adding the depth that perfectly drives the mood. With well-written lyrics and flawless compositions, 'Pinnacle' by Apex Zenith gives you an unforgettable taste of the classic Synthpop.

Listen to 'Pinnacle' by Apex Zenith, available worldwide - LINK.

About Apex Zenith

"Apex Zenith is the solo project of veteran music producer/artist, Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez, who is best known for his album production work with artists like Morbid Angel, Diabolic, Christian Death, and Unholy Ghost is also the creative mind behind music groups Diet of Worms, Cosmic Punch, The Synth Lord, and Lover of Sin.  Outside of his work as a studio engineer/producer, “Punchy” has also directed and edited music videos for the Nile, Christian Death, and Krisiun as well as his own musical projects.  He plays all the music, sings all the vocals, produced, engineered, and even created all the visuals for this project.  He is a one-man wrecking crew/freight train!  He is a proud endorser of Magix software like Vegas Pro and Samplitude Pro X, Positive Grid software (Bias FX), Brian May Guitars, and Music Group (Behringer/Midas).

In 2019 the creator of Apex Zenith, Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez, released a record called "The Synth as Soul" under the project name, "The Synth Lord."  After getting his feet wet with that project, he wanted to expand on the sound so Apex Zenith was born.  Look at this as a group of characters. The Synth Lord is in the group as well as other personalities yet to be revealed."

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