Doug Cash - 'You Wept for Yourself'
This song represents the depth and power of songwriting at its finest. Written by Doug Cash himself, this song definitely portrays him as a lyrical genius. The tune sounds almost mystical and magical as it switches between complex chords on a single acoustic guitar. We can hear that the artist knows the value of each note in the composition as he slowly reveals the melody. The flow of this song gently uncovers its sentimental roots, constructing a medium to allow listeners to feel what Doug Cash holds near to his heart. We can sense the intensity of emotion and touching aspect blended perfectly with guitar and smooth vocals.

The truth is, less is more in this song i.e a single instrument is crafting all the beautiful and necessary dynamics and tempo by combining strums and riffs balancing between soft and strong. The soulful atmosphere is driven by the passionate and spirited voice of Doug Cash. The line 'You Wept for Yourself' is sung in a way that it immediately becomes the signature of this song. Light vibratos with soothing variations add a poetic style through Doug Cash's singing. The song has a touch of reverb that stimulates and gives a subtle boost to the ambience that sounds almost mystical. It feels like the voice and the guitar are communicating with each other and sharing the story with the listeners. The natural and realistic tone of this song brings an authentic sound that greatly contributes to the theme by keeping the original characteristics mostly unprocessed and intact.

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About Doug Cash

"Doug Cash is a singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, producer, performer. President of Pryor 2 What? Records & Music Publishing.Graduate of Sly Stone, John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Steve Wonder, Paul Simon University. Beyond gender, beyond race, beyond time, beyond space. Our love is universal."