Leave Spell - 'Atlas Obscura'
This song is indie in every way. The tone, the theme, the feel of this song is absolutely indie. A shade of vintage style of mixing can be experienced with every element being raw. The sound is free from over-polished modern music and slowly takes becomes likeable and addictive. Instruments like organ, synth and electronic piano are the basis of the music in this song. Along comes the rhythmic pattern nailed by loosely compressed drums accurately composed to carry the tempo and pace of this song. A tight, distorted and saturated bass tone rules the lows wrapping the warmth of this song. Vocals give significance to the lyrics keeping them natural and on point with a touch of harmonies.

The musical arrangement of this song is very interesting, breaking the rules of traditional sequence, we get musical sections from playing all to almost playing a single instrument like a big transition between vocal pieces which is a huge contribution to the emotional aspect of this song. With distorted guitars adding colours in the climax, the song ends fantastically leaving an imprint on listeners.

'Atlas Obscura' by Leave Spell will be released on January 14th 2022. So stay tuned on Leave Spell's social media.

Leave Spell is the debut solo project of Paul Dunne, semi-isolated in rural New Hampshire with a yearning for travel and escape. All instruments are played by Dunne, alongside recording and mixing. Songs are written from a close and personal angle, influenced by music from the 1970s.