Lielack - 'Blossom'
This is a track that totally does justice to its beautifully written lyrics, creating a strong emotional bond with the listeners through its deeply tailored Nu-Punk sound. The piece is dominated by melodic electric guitars with a vibrant and rich tone and equally strong bass that lifts the lows by perfectly dissolving with the guitar and providing a concrete foundation. These instruments massively contribute to the chord progression and warmth, adding sentimental value to the music. The rhythmic pattern is consistent,  assembled by a combination of tight live drums mixed alongside gentle electronic beats and crispy guitar picking.

The drums maintain their acoustic quality through a short and powerful kick and snappy snare layered with intense hi-hats, unleashing the energy of this song. Moving towards the soul of the song - the vocals. The voice sounds deeply rooted in the meaning, spirit and emotional aspect while performing with great passion. Clear and detailed expression in the vocals helps the listener to immediately connect and relate. 'Blossom' will certainly leave a remarkable impression on listeners who will definitely play it on repeat.

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About Lielack:

"After the peaceful dissolution of their previous band Dearbones in the late summer of 2021, three of its official members decided to continue on forward together, organizing an entire Nu-revolution as Lielack. Built on the sonic talents of Jason Pascucci (Vocals), Andrew Quinn (Guitar), and Jacob Blondin (Drums) – Lielack surged into the scene with the release of their debut single “Nu4U” in the following September, revealing a powerfully tight melodic three-piece, fully loaded with nuclear energy & a whole lotta heart. Ready to take over charts and playlists with inspired hybrid vibes that cleverly merge radiant Pop/Punk into a signature style of their own as a Nu-Punk band – Lielack exists purely to thrill listeners all across the map with an authentic blend of scorching hot musicianship, endearing vocals, and wild Nu material.  From their cinematic storyline video supporting “Nu4U,” to their intensely addictive and unified sound – Lielack is putting the work into every moment in a sincere combined effort to savagely entertain YOU in the process of securing their legacy.  Crafting their songs & career to make their mark in music’s history fully permanent – Lielack is no ordinary band; they’re stoked to prove that to everyone who listens. Based out of Worcester, MA – join Lielack as they continue to make the most of every minute in their groundbreaking debut in 2021, thrilling listeners worldwide with amped-up antics, gripping melodies, & unforgettable music designed to catapult them straight into the spotlight right to #1, where they belong."